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Tuesday, May 26

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  • avatar GeeMan:

    In response to your article about the movie “Captain Phillips” and the real world notion of arming cargo ships. But first, your comment about the cost of the U.S. Navy’s involvement is invalid. U.S. taxpayers did not pay an extra dime for that or for any other rescue or protection “services” it carries out, or practices to carry out, every day. The money is already spent. Like the police or the fire department, the money is spent up front. Even the added risk to our service members is accounted for–people are killed in traning all the time (they don’t get Purple Hearts). People act courageously in training all the time, they don’t always get medals for valor. They do what they do because they are called, they don’t get extra money for saving people or taking down pirates. Notice I didn’t say “teenage” pirates, a pirate is a pirate. Most would agree that a teenager with a gun is even more dangerous, more volatile.

    Now, if you arm a cargo ship, it’s no longer a cargo ship. Personally, I think there should be at least some small arms allowed. But, once you begin where does it end? When you start mounting guns, it’s not long before you have a battleship. Merchant Marines aren’t trained for that kind of fighting. If you really think about it you’d have to agree too. I had to shake my head reading your words. You started talking about pistols and ended up talking about turerrted “Big Guns”–Wow! Did you go back and read your words again? Do you think your words sounded any smarter the second time? I didn’t think so.

    Still, sometimes I wish I could join the Merchant Marines to be a sniper. What a life! Sitting around practicing my marksmanship all day. How often do you think I’d be able to use those skills? Probably never. But hey, there’d never be another pirate attack,right? Because surely the pirates wouldn’t start using more men with more guns or bigger boats with bigger guns.

    Yes, I think we should do more to protect cargo ships, but I don’t know how that should be done. Except maybe leave it to the experts…you know, those people we vote into office. Now I’m being stupid.

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