Police drones can now see inside your home

Sitting on the can is now a spectator sport.

CBS: Miami-Dade’s newest crime fighting tool is a literal ‘eye in the sky’.

The Micro Air Vehicle, or MAV for short, is a small radio controlled drone aircraft equipped with a portable camera system. Miami-Dade Sgt. Andrew Cohen said drone will be used to gather real time information in situations which may be too dangerous for officers.

“If an SRT (Special Response Team) has to go into an area they don’t know what’s there, we don’t know what is in the backyard,” said Cohen, “They want to know if there are dogs in the backyard, if there is a shed, things that could be a threat to us.”

The MAV is used by the military to scan dangerous areas before troops are sent in. Miami-Dade police used a $50,000 grant to buy one, but not everyone is happy with the purchase.

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  • avatar Chaplainkennewlin:

    This technology is only as sound as the operators of it, People are not superior to other people, This is the sin we put on our-self, Privacy is left now up to the discretion of the police, and their camera not making U.S. all their private night time Movie. This is not peace of mind, What it is these so called police, are Not Snoops? Practice on, but Our Residential Windows. Drone the fact home people, We Are Now A Prison Planet, and the shackles are next.You Give a Little and they take it all.

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