What’s that huge long scar on Obama’s head? And is that why we can’t see his birth certificate?

I stumbled across these arresting photos while perusing the American Thinker.  I remembered seeing them somewhere before.  Every time I see them, they stop me in my tracks.

What the heck is that long scar running up the side of Barack Obama’s noggin, up over his crown, then down the other side of his head?

No one in the media has asked (until recently, that is, after this article appeared on this blog).

The point is: We can’t see his medical records, his school records, his college records, or his birth certificate. He’s almost done with his first term, and we still know almost nothing about the background of the President of the United States.

Very strange.

Whatever happened to create that scar, it was clearly something serious.

Was it a brain operation? Has it affected his thinking? Is he really an alien from another planet, which would explain no birth certificate?

We have no proof as to where he was born, to whom, where he came from, or what his national origin is. Maybe he’s one of the androids (a replicant), like in Bladerunner, not really human at all.

Anything’s possible.

This is why we need answers — to put a stop to this kind of speculation.

Even Obama’s pal, Hawaii Governor Neal Abercrombie, could not locate Obama’s birth certificate after boasting that he would find it, produce it for all to see, and forever bury the birther issue.

But no luck.  He abandoned the quest.

Obama’s political team has spent millions of dollars preventing release of his birth certificate, which now allegedly sits in a sealed vault somewhere in Hawaii.

But no one is allowed to see it.  No one can find it, not even the governor of the state, after making a much-publicized and valiant try.

Now Donald Trump says he’s sent a team of detectives and investigators to Hawaii to find out about Obama’s origins.

I can’t wait to see what Trump’s team comes up with.

Obama’s just one big Mystery Man, which just adds intrigue to what that huge scar on his head is all about.

What on earth is it?

This big scar (or scars) also might explain why Obama can’t speak without a teleprompter and why he often gets lost, even while reading the teleprompter.

Watch this video to see what I mean . . .

If’s he’s a replicant (like in Bladerunner) and not really human, this might have been a case of Obama’s
circuitry misfiring. That seems to happen a lot with Obama.

Who knows?

The question is: When will the media start inquiring into what that huge scar on his head is all about?

Well, the U.K. Daily Mail recently took me up on this challenge and asked the White House about these apparent scars and what the White House thinks of this article (yes, this one you are reading now).

The White House had “no comment” on the scars and called my thoughts on the matter “ridiculous.”

I am now credited by one hostile blogger with having . . .

“The Best Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper took up the matter and says it’s probably just some weird way Obama’s hair grows that creates these patterns that look like scars.  It’s possible.  Is this what it looks like to you?

Glenn Beck’s Blaze website also wrote about this post.  It’s now the most popular thread on his website.

Now this little article has gone viral.  It’s all over the old Soviet Bloc, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Even something called “The Winds of Jihad” has picked this up.

And to think this post took me ten minutes to write one morning over a cup of coffee. (Well, I’ve added some stuff to it since then).

I’m now looking for more conspiracy theories.

If you have a good one, please send it my way.  I’ll give it wide circulation.

But I think the reason this post really struck a chord is that it makes valid points about Obama The Mystery Man.

He promised to be the most transparent President in history. He promised a “new era of openness”

If Obama would just release his long-form birth certificate and other records, and show us who he is, Donald Trump could move onto other subjects, and there would be no audience for silly articles like this.

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34 Responses to “What’s that huge long scar on Obama’s head? And is that why we can’t see his birth certificate?”

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    • avatar Messenjah:

      I can’t believe this…. an alien for heaven’s sake? This so obvious why would anyone even question it? Obviously he had an operation to enhance his brain which explains why he is so much smarter than all the rest of us…. duh!

  • avatar Morgan:

    I generally think the “birther” issue is more of a distraction than anything. Even assuming that he can’t prove his American birth, by the time all that wound its way through the courts we’d be past the next election anyway. Nor do I have any idea what this scar is; it could be from an operation or an accident, or just some kind of birth defect.

    The real issue it seems to me is just this recurring fact that he refuses to disclose. At bottom the most important thing we have a right to expect from our leaders is openness (can anyone say “transparency”?). Obama not only does not give out information about himself voluntarily, he refuses to answer questions. Democracy tolerates secrets but does not like them, and the more secretive a public person is the more likely it seems that he really does have something to hide. And if Obama is not really hiding anything, what is he so afraid of that he keeps all of us at such arms’ length?

    • avatar Equality Forall:

      Let’s not fret about Article II, Section 1, clause 5. It’s only the Constitution. Since it’s such a distraction, why don’t we pose a Constitutional Amendment to remove the clause altogether? It’s not possible another usurper after 2012 could attempt to rule from the white house, is it?

  • avatar wideman:

    Much to do about nothing. We spend to much time and energy on this and other distractions. Especially when there are so many problems that have been created or at the least made worst during this administration.
    I am exausted with everything. It was the same with Bill Clinton. There were so many distractions from Browns demise to Lewenski to bombing aspirn factories to mysterious deaths of close allies to Mena Arkansas to Hillary’s Uncle being the head of Customs in Panama and all of Latin America. ????
    Just thinking. George Wideman. Brilliant, Alabama.

  • avatar Equality Forall:

    Don’t you just love it when folks like Tavon Brown admonish others with the worn-out phrase, “we have to”? No, actually we don’t have to. Part of the American culture is to roast and ridicule politicians. The common man through centuries has enjoyed the same to people in positions of power around the globe. Get over yourself for attempting to suggest an Irish-Swedish-African politician and public servant is any less subject to personal ridicule than anyone else.

    JFK’s too Catholic – the Pope owns him. Ford hurt his head playing football. Tricky Dicky. Biden’s profane. Clinton’s a philanderer. Christie’s too fat. Paul’s too wacky. Clinton in pants. Jindal’s too Indian. Obama’s an enigma.

  • avatar LadyGreenEyes:

    What’s really interesting is that there seem to be almost no pictures of him showing the back/right side of his head. Searched about ten pages of images, to see if I could locate this in other pics, but can’t seem to locate other pics of the right side. At least, not at an angle that shows the area in this one. Left side, seen the same one in other pics. So…..are they deliberately avoiding showing his right side, to conceal this scar? What the heck? Know folks with scars, and they don’t seem to care. Kinda weird…..