Why Obama did not issue an Easter Proclamation, while issuing proclamations for every Muslim holiday

President Obama did not issue an Easter Proclamation even though he has issued proclamation for every Muslim holiday (even the minor ones), Earth Day, and Caesar Chavez Day.

Was this an intentional omission by Barack Obama, or was this just White House incompetence?

You’d have to assume it was intentional.

The White House has a calendar and has people in charge of carefully going through it to make sure exactly this sort of thing never happens.

The forgetting of Easter by President Obama puts this interview with George Stephanopoulos in a new light. Here’s Obama refers to his “Muslim faith” . . .

Obama: “My Muslim Faith”

Obama lapdog Stephanopoulos dutifully corrected Obama. And it’s possible this was just an innocent slip of the tongue.

If you’re a Christian, do you every accidentally refer to your Muslim faith?

Is this idea even on your mind?

Clearly, “my Muslim faith’ was on Obama’s mind here.

Usually, slips of the tongue reveal what’s really on one’s mind. The truth accidentally slips out — as in: “When did you get so fat?”

That’s a slip of the tongue. It reveals what’s really on your mind.

Now with President Obama’s omission of an Easter proclamation this year, the “my Muslim faith” comment should raise eyebrows even higher.

Now, you would think Obama would make absolutely certain not to snub Christians in this way, if for no other reason than that he wants to get reelected in 2012.

Any politician with any sense at all would know that you don’t just skip mentioning the Christian faith’s most holy day — the day Christ rose from the dead — not when 90 percent of the country is a Christian of some kind.

So why did he do it?

The only explanation is: He just doesn’t like Easter much.

We know he doesn’t like America very much, because he’s told us so. Now we learn he doesn’t like Easter or Christianity very much either. There’s really not much Barack Obama likes about this country or this civilization.

His feelings about this must be very strong to override all political calculations.

Given all the questions raised about Obama’s supposed Christian faith, you would think he would make every effort not to offend Christians. But no. He never misses an opportunity to insult Christians.

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