SHOCK PHOTO of Barack Obama apparently tongue kissing Britain PM David Cameron circulates on Web

Here’s a photo that’s going around the Internet of Barack Obama apparently tongue kissing Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron.


Turns out, though, this photo is almost certainly a fake >>>

I’m pretty decent at Photoshop myself and this is good work. It almost looks real.  Someone spent a lot of time on this.

The source for this photo is a Christian blog, no less, something called Christ Wire.  It’s also on Buzz Feed and has been circulating around Facebook and Twitter.

I’m certainly no fan of Obama. But I really don’t think he’s gay.  And even if he were, he would not let himself be photographed in this position.

There’s lots not to like about Obama, but he’s no Weiner.

The problem with Obama is the Marxism, not this.

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