I like Chris Christie, but he really needs to lose weight if he ever wants to be President

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  • Sure, might be a good thing to loose a few for the sake of his health and his family. However he would not be the first heavyweight prez.
    Taft weighed in at over 330 lbs. He even got stuck in the bathtub in the White House during his presidency and had to be removed. He then had an over sized tub brought in for his use.

    It is a sad day when someones weight is considered for this job. It’s just another way of admitting that in the day of constant (star-style) media scrutiny the election has turned into nothing more then a popularity contest (with a little bit of beauty pageant thrown in).

    I honestly have thought that it would be an awesome election if all images and recordings of the candidates were scrubbed from coverage. And people had to actually read the text of speeches, candidates positions, and history and backgrounds prior to voting. I seriously doubt that B.O. would have made it with out the help of some serious image crafting. Sure he looks good, but what you see is not what you get. At least with Christie, you know that what you see is what you get. He’s got a bit of a weight problem, but so does half the country.

  • avatar Wesley Robertson:

    Amber (Look of exasperation!) it’s “Reagan.” – I find it sad, Kris, that, having to vote for either Christie or Obama, you would choose the latter, because of the size of his waist. That, as far as I believe, is NOT the way that most Presidential elections have been decided (Granted, the 2008 election was won on the basis of skin color, but that was an aberration, and I believe that, after four years of economic sliding, by an overt racist and avowed baby-killer, he will lose a great deal of that base, as people realize who he really is, and why they should vote for someone whose politics, beliefs, and values reflect their own.). Some people might vote according to looks, but I think that will mostly be the narcissists who prefer to run someone down rather than build him up, to make others think as much of them as they do of themselves.
    By the way, Mr. Health-conscious Kris: how do you feel about a President who smokes? :)

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