Mitt ran 65 TV ads for ever 1 ad Newt ran in Florida

There’s really no way Newt can win in a big media market with this kind of advertising spending imbalance

ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION: Juiced by super PACs, this year’s presidential contest has seen a 1600 percent increase in interest-group sponsored ads over 2008, according to a study by the Wesleyan Media Project of Middletown, Conn.

At 8:00:01 EST, Fox News and CNN both will race to declare Florida for Mitt Romney, the re-annointed frontrunner. (This assumes some discretion on the part of the networks, given that some of the state’s Panhandle is on Central time.) While you wait, consider the following – also from the Wesleyan Media Project:

Even though Romney has not been on the airwaves as much as he was in 2008, his campaign and its allies have dominated the airwaves in Florida, airing almost 13,000 ads on broadcast television across the state, as of Wednesday, the 25th…[Newt] Gingrich and his interest-group allies have aired only about 200 spots, with [Ron]Paul and [Rick] Santorum out of the broadcast television game.

That’s a 65:1 ratio. Unless that disparity closed in the final six days, 20 percent might be pretty good for Gingrich tonight.

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