Tracking the So-Called “Recovery”

This Chart Tracks the Employment-to-U.S. Population Ratio . . .

The shaded area is the recession.

In other words, there is no recovery. A recovery would at least get us back to where we were.  That’s the definition of recovery.

But we do have the $6 TRILLION Obama has added to the national debt.

The fact that Obama’s approval rating, according to most polls, is around 46-47 percent certainly calls into question the intelligence of about half the country. How can 47% possibly think Obama is doing a decent job?

Notice that there was a bit of a recovery started that ended April of 2010 — right after ObamaCare passed into law on March 24, 2010.  It literally only took about a week for ObamaCare to kill the recovery.

Remember also that the Obama Administration proclaimed the recession over in June of 2009 — before a single Obama policy (including the stimulus) had kicked in.  So the recovery that had started in June of 2009 was really the Bush recovery that was killed by ObamaCare and other Obama policies.

This chart comes from Harvard economist Greg Mankiw, who is not real impressed with the Obama “recovery” either. If this is “recovery,” what would a recession look like?

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