Obama admits he’s a socialist

By Ben Hart

Lost in the avalanche of Obama scandals over the past week (IRS-gate, Benghazi-gate, and reporter-phone-records-tapping-gate), was an admission by Barack Obama that, yes, he is indeed a socialist (at a minimum).

The admission appears in a report by the New York Times where Obama is quoted as telling his inner circle that he often dreams of  ”going Bulworth.”

Here’s the revealing quote buried deep in the NYT piece:

In private, he has talked longingly of ‘going Bulworth,’ a reference to a little-remembered 1998 Warren Beatty movie about a senator who risked it all to say what he really thought.”

So what does Obama really mean by “going Bulworth”?

Bulworth is portrayed as a hero in the film because he came out of the closet and boasted that he was  a socialist, out to destroy the capitalist system.  He would be unhindered by pragmatic political concerns from pursuing his mission. To Bulworth, the enemy is capitalism.

When Obama tells his inner-circle that “going Bulworth” is what he really wants to do, he’s saying his facade of political pragmatism is a lie — a calculated lie for the purpose of winning elections.

But now that he no longer has to worry about elections, he’s free to do what he really wants.

Bullworth is Obama’s socialist hero.  Now he’s “going Bulworth.”

Using the IRS to punish his political adversaries is part of Obama’s way of “going Bulworth.”

Obama’s agenda is Bullworth’s agenda — destroy capitalism and transform America into a socialist country, apparently by any means necessary.

This “going Bulworth” admission would be a lot like if President Reagan had said “I’ll be going Dr. Strangelove in my second term.”

Can you imagine if Reagan had ever said something like that?

It would confirm the liberal suspicion that Reagan was so anti-Communist, such a hardline Cold Warrior that he might welcome (might even start) a nuclear war against the Soviets.

This would be big news.  We would wonder, with good reason, what his plans for us really are.

Of course, we had to wade through 17 paragraphs of non-news (fluff) before we reached Obama’s bombshell “going Bulworth” quote in the New York Times article.

Either the editors at the New York Times did not fully understand what “going Bullworth” meant.  Or they did, and just didn’t want to draw attention to Obama’s statement.

During his 2008 Presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised he would “fundamentally transform” America.

Now we know what he means by this.  He means move America’s from a capitalist economic system (which has produced more prosperity than any nation in history) to a socialist system.  Socialism always creates poverty and misery.

What’s unclear is the degree of socialism Obama and the fictional Bullworth want.

Is it French-style socialism where 57 percent of the economy is the government?  Or is it Mao Tse Tung-style socialism, where 100 percent of the economy is the government?

Obama hasn’t told us.

By the way, even French-style socialism isn’t so good.  We now learn some French citizens are being taxed at more than 100 percent of their income.

No wonder French millionaires are fleeing France in droves.

By the way, can you really love something you want to “fundamentally transform“?

This is what Obama says he wants to do to America.

If I were to tell my wife that my goal is to “fundamentally transform” her, would she take that as a compliment?

Most likely, she’d file for divorce.

Of course, constitutionalists have known all along what Obama’s true agenda is.  His mom was a socialist.  All his key mentors and associates throughout his life have been anti-American socialists and Marxists, including his mentor when growing up Frank Marshall Davis (Communist Party USA member); William Ayers (Weather Underground founder, bomber of the Pentagon and NYC police headquarters); his America-hating pastor of 20 years Jeremiah Wright.

Obama had the most left voting record in the U.S. Senate — to the left of the likes of Barbara Boxer and Ted Kennedy, to the Left even of the self-described Socialist Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders.

So the fact that Obama is a socialist (or worse) is no secret to anyone who has followed his life and career. Now that he’s no longer concerned about reelection, he admits it.

And he’s using the massive weapon of the federal bureaucracy he runs to make it happen.

We are just now learning that Obama’s use of the IRS and the Justice Department to target the Tea Party, conservative organizations, conservative donors, Christian organizations, reporters and journalists Obama doesn’t like, even Billy Graham, is the tip of the iceberg of what’s happening.

The IRS was targeting organizations that have the keywords “Tea Party,” “Constitution,” or “patriot” associated with them.

In the world of Obama and his IRS, it’s apparently suspicious if you’re a “patriot” who talks about the “Constitution.”  And if you are a “Christian” “Tea Party” member who talks about the “Constitution,” you might as well turn yourself in to authorities for hard labor at a prison camp in northern Alaska.

It’s now clear Obama and his gang are using the full machinery of the federal government to crush dissent and punish his critics.

Obama is going way beyond anything Nixon tried.  Nixon was a piker compared to Obama.


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