Zimmerman haters bogusly claim the problem in the case was Florida’s “stand your ground” law

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder‘s speech to the NAACP the other day was all about how we need to get rid of these “stand your ground” laws. The convention erupted in applause.

Stevie Wonder stays he won’t perform another concert in Florida until the Sunshine state repeals its “stand your ground” law.

“Stand you ground” simply means you don’t have an obligation to retreat if attacked. You have a right to “stand your ground” and defend yourself.

In George Zimmerman‘s case, “stand your ground” did not apply because he was on his back. Trayvon Martin was on top performing “ground and pound” MMA style.

There was no place for Zimmerman to retreat to — which is why Zimmerman never used “stand your ground” in his defense.   He invoked simple self-defense — which is a valid legal defense in all 50 states.

In some states, the law requires you to try to retreat (run away) before using deadly force.

In Massachusetts, if your home is being invaded, you are required to attempt to flee your home before shooting the criminal. Though, if you can’t flee, shooting the criminal is permissible.

Prudence, of course, advises that it’s always best to try to retreat and call 911 rather than fight, if possible. But most states don’t require that. Classic self-defense legal doctrine allows you to defend yourself if attacked. That’s really all “stand your ground” is.

It also turns out African-Americans in Florida have benefitted the most from the “stand your ground” law.

Black Floridians have made about one third of the “stand your ground” claims in the state — which is nearly double the percentage of black Americans who live in Florida. The majority of these claims have succeeded, while most “stand your ground” claims by white Floridians have not succeeded.

So Zimmerman haters should be careful what they wish for when crusading against “stand your ground” laws.

Of course, Holder’s, Obama’s, and the Left’s real agenda is to outlaw firearms ownership completely, if they can.  They don’t like gun ownership, the Second Amendment, or self-defense.

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