“Pajama Boy” is the Product of Team Obama’s Sophisticated Market Research

This ad shows you the state of the 20-something American male today

It’s hard not to laugh at Pajama Boy — this  metrosexual young male in his PJs, sipping a cup of cocoa, eyebrows carefully plucked, and doing — well — nothing.

Pajama Boy is apparently the archetype young male who Team Obama hopes to reach with its massive marketing campaign to get young males in their 20s enrolled in ObamaCare.

Team Obama is spending millions of dollars on these Pajama Boy ads.

They clearly know something about the state of the young male in America.

Can you imagine trying to win World War Two with Pajama Boy?

Can you imagine getting anything done with Pajama Boy?

Can you imagine actually hiring Pajama Boy to do a job?

But how can we doubt Team Obama’s marketing savvy?

Obama’s not so good at governing, but he is very good at campaigning. The Obama campaign made the Romney campaign look like the Stanley Steamer by comparison in terms of sophistication.

Team Obama knows how to poll. Team Obama knows how to conduct market research.  Team Obama knows its target market.

And Team Obama knows that Pajama Boy is not just a small sliver of the electorate — not just two or three people out there.

Team Obama came up with these ads because they know Pajama Boy represents a large segment — a plurality, perhaps a majority — of males in their 20s.

Pajama Boy is apparently typical of millions, perhaps tens of millions, of young male adults out there.

These are young men who live with their parents until well into their 30s. They lounge around in their PJs all day and apparently sip hot chocolate while surfing the net, watching TV, playing video games, or just sleeping until Noon.

The concept of actually holding down a job and launching out to make their way in the world strikes the Pajama Boy crowd as, well, ridiculous.

I’m in the advertising business. If you really want to understand where American society is, all you have to do is watch the advertisements.

Advertisers are scientific, super-sophisticated.

We don’t create ads we like. We create ads that work — based on careful market research.

Pajama Boy is the product of Team Obama’s market research — lots of polling and focus group testing.

Team Obama created the Pajama Boy ads because this is the state of the 20-something male in America.

Personally, I have not owned pajamas since I was about 8.  I find pajamas too restrictive.  I don’t like how pajamas get trapped under my body when I roll over in my sleep. I then have to sit up in bed, straighten out the PJs, and then roll over into my new position. So I abandoned my pajamas.

But that’s just me — probably neither here nor there. Probably too much info.

By contrast, here were the male images I grew up with:

America has changed a lot since I was a kid.

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