The Conservative Alternative to ObamaCare

Democrats in Congress are panicking even more now than they were before in the wake of David Jolly’s victory over Alex Sink in the special election for the Florida 13 Congressional seat.

Jolly is a political novice who had never held elected office. Sink almost won the governorship of Florida in 2010, falling short by a single percentage point in a Republican wave year. Sink outraised Jolly 2-to-1. Florida 13 has been trending Democrat. Obama won the district in 2008 and again in 2012.

Democrat leaders were 100% certain Sink would coast to victory.  But Sink lost.  Jolly won.

The only thing Jolly had going for him was that he promised he would vote to repeal ObamaCare.

Sink’s message that she would work to “fix” ObamaCare did not cut the mustard with voters.

Americans want ObamaCare ended, repealed, undone, buried, blown up — not fixed.

MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews has now conceded that the GOP will win majority control of the Senate.

The question now is: By how much?

To win the Senate with seats to spare, Republican candidates must be for more than just repeal of ObamaCare. We need to highlight our alternative to ObamaCare.

We can’t pretend the old system was perfect.  It was just a lot better than ObamaCare.  But the shortcomings of the old system could have been fixed easily with a few minor tweaks.

There is one goal of ObamaCare that is worth keeping: And that’s to address the problem of people with expensive pre-existing conditions not being able to get affordable health insurance.

ObamaCare does not actually even fix this problem.

But it could be fixed, easily and relatively cheaply. These people would go into a high-risk pool and would receive a subsidy to cover the difference between what a health insurance policy costs for most folks and what a policy costs for those afflicted with expensive, relatively rare preexisting conditions.

This can be done through a tax credit and/or tax deduction on the federal income tax.

Problem solved.

Republicans need to highlight this solution because the pre-existing conditions argument is ObamaCare’s only argument.

Other features of the GOP health plan should include:

1) Expanding IRA-style health care savings accounts to include everyone.

2) Making all health insurance and health care costs tax-deductible for individuals, so that people are not forced to stay in jobs they don’t like to keep their health insurance.

3) Allowing health insurance companies to compete across state lines to bring health care costs down. This has certainly worked well for electronics and other products.

4) Capping malpractice lawsuit awards, which will also bring health care costs down. (Lawyers are not a popular group)

5) Restoring the $800 BILLION ObamaCare stole from Medicare.

6) We already have Medicaid for the poor. But the working poor could be given a refundable tax credit to offset the cost of buying health insurance.

This plan would fit on a single sheet of paper, in contrast to the 20,000 pages of regulations that have been added to the 2,700-page ObamaCare law.

We then ask voters to choose between this simple one-page plan and the ObamaCare monstrosity.

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