Democrats say ObamaCare is a success. If this is success, what would failure look like?

Democrats are saying ObamaCare is now a success because the Obama Administration says 7.1 million Americans have signed up.

Never mind that this is probably a phony number. Anecdotal evidence from the states and insurance companies indicates that 20 percent are not paying their premiums.

But let’s, just for the sake of argument, give the Obama Administration their number of sign-ups.

Why would this even be an indicator of success?

Americans who don’t have health insurance are required now by law to enroll in the ObamaCare exchanges.

So this is like saying 7.1 million Americans paid their taxes and hailing that as a success.

We now have to prove to the IRS that we have health insurance that meets ObamaCare requirements. Or we have to pay a penalty of up to 1 percent of our income and get into a mud wrestling match with the IRS.

Penalties then increase 300% over the next three years.

I wish I had the IRS on my side forcing people to buy the product I sell.

In addition, the Obama Administration is spending hundreds of millions of dollars (perhaps billions) on advertising to promote ObamaCare.

The fact that they only have 7.1 million sign-ups (their number) is an unmitigated disaster in a nation of 317,000,000 people.

But consider this.

The primary purpose of ObamaCare was to insure the uninsured.

When selling America on ObamaCare, President Obama repeatedly told us there were between 35 million and 50 million Americans without health care insurance.

So now we have 7.1 million ObamaCare sign ups (according to Obama’s numbers, which we know are phony).

We know the about the same number of Americans(6-7 million) lost their health insurance because of ObamaCare.

How many of the new ObamaCare sign-ups are these people?

And how many sign-ups are people who did not have health insurance previously?

Goldman-Sachs estimates that 1,000,000 ObamaCare sign-ups are of people previously uninsured.

A RAND Corporation study estimates that about one-third of the sign-ups are people who were previously uninsured.


So what we have is a giant shell game.

70-80 percent of ObamaCare sign-ups are from people who already had health insurance that was rendered null and void by ObamaCare.

So now we all have the privilege of paying for other people’s contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, vasectomies, and possibly even sex-change operations.

In addition, we have the privilege of paying 39 percent higher premiums on average than we had been paying with our previous perfectly adequate health insurance plans, plus much higher deductibles.

What most people want and need is health insurance that covers a catastrophic situation.

If you get into an accident or get cancer or some other deadly disease, you want coverage.

If you need an extended hospital stay or have a catastrophic very-expensive health event, you want coverage.

You then pay for routine check-ups and care out of your own pocket.

This kind of catastrophic health insurance is relatively cheap. Of course, it could be a lot cheaper if we allowed insurance companies to compete across state lines and if we cap medical malpractice awards.

Once you hit your retirement years, you get Medicare, plus whatever supplemental health coverage you want to pay for. It was a pretty decent system. A few minor tweaks could have addressed the problems.

Another big benefit touted by ObamaCare supporters is that pre-existing conditions are supposedly covered, though there’s some doubt about that.

So far, just 107,139 people with pre-existing conditions are taking advantage of the provision in the law for people with pre-existing conditions even though this provision has been in effect for nearly three years.

So, apparently, there’s not a big demand for this aspect of ObamaCare. Or perhaps it’s not as much of a problem as we’ve been told. Or perhaps ObamaCare is not actually covering people with pre-existing conditions.

At any rate, the pre-existing condition problem could be solved cheaply, without upending 18 percent of the U.S. economy and destroying the world’s best health care system.

I’m happy to subsidize their health care coverage.

So what did ObamaCare fix?


Actually, ObamaCare destroys a lot that was good about American medicine.

Doctors are now quitting medicine in droves. Health insurance premiums have skyrocketted. Many doctors and hospitals refuse even to participate in the ObamaCare exchanges, so you likely can’t even keep your doctor or hospital. Research and development into new life-saving medicines and treatments is grinding to a halt. We now have a panel of government bureaucrats (the IPAB) deciding whether or not you get the life-saving medical care you need — yes, the Death Panels Sarah Palin was talking about.

We continue to see horror stories about people being denied their cancer treatments because of ObamaCare — cancer treatments they were receiving until ObamaCare. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling these people liars.

But, like lemmings charging over a cliff, Democrats have decided to rally around this fiasco.

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