The silver lining in Obama’s illegal executive actions

The bottom line point of this article is America’s founders did their best to protect us from ourselves. But, ultimately, we get the government we deserve. It’s not like we haven’t had many opportunities to change course.

We’re all familiar now with Barack Obama’s unilateral changing of laws by executive order, or just ignoring laws he doesn’t like, or enacting his own laws out of thin air through his control of the regulatory bureaucracy. Regulations, promulgated by the executive branch bureaucracy carry the force of law.

I have long argued that the President ought to be able to exercise the line-item veto, ought to have substantial power.

I have argued this because what Congress does is send up enormous “ominibus” spending bills, encompassing the entire federal government, or big chunks of it. They then bury all kinds of pork-barrel spending in these spending bills. So the President then must either accept the entire bill, or veto it. Ronald Reagan repeatedly made the case for the line-item vote, so he could throw the junk out of these enormous spending packages.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court ruled that the line-item veto is unconstitutional. I don’t see why.

The veto is a Constitutional power accorded to the President. But that’s what the Supreme Court ruled.

So Congress figured out a way to short-circuit the President’s Constitutional veto authority by sending up these enormous omnibus spending bills in the form of a single law.

The result is the continued explosion of federal spending.

So giving Congress more power is clearly not the answer. Congress’s approval rating is hovering between 12 and 13 percent.

Of course, Obama has gone way beyond the simple line-item veto idea. He ignores border security laws, duly passed by Congress. He ignores his own ObamaCare law — declaring changes to provisions in the law the public hates.

The truth is, most of the changes he’s enacting to the ObamaCare law are a modest improvement to the law. The law is a disaster on almost every level and should be repealed. But the changes he’s declaring on his own, though illegal, are making the law marginally less miserable.

Republicans in Congress have no power to force Obama to follow the law. Nor would they likely exercise this power even if they could enforce the law on Obama. How can you oppose delaying and cushioning the assorted ObamaCare mandates on businesses and individuals?

As things stand now, Obama could strangle a child to death on national TV, and there’s really no enforcement mechanism to bring Obama to justice. His henchman Eric Holder runs the Justice Department. So he’s not going to bring charges against his boss. Plus, Holder is just as radical as Obama — who says he wants to “fundamentally transform” America.

And so long as Harry Reid is in charge of the Senate, no action is possible against Obama. Plus, we would need at least 60 Republican Senators to actually expel Obama from office — more than that, because not every Republican would vote to expel an American President from office.

So impeachment by the House of Representatives is possible, and has happened. But actual expulsion from office is near impossible.

So what we have moved to, essentially, is a parliamentary system of one-party rule.

Under the parliamentary system, whichever party controls the legislature chooses the prime minister.

This has its pluses and minuses.

The plus is that the people get the government they deserve.

The people have multiple opportunities to get the government they want.

There’s the Presidential election every four years.

If Congress is divided, the President can do whatever he wants — declare martial law, confiscate all our property, whatever.

There’s not much we can do about it.

But every two years, Americans have an opportunity to get the President in line if he acts irresponsibly or even tyrannically.

We have an opportunity to rein in Obama in the 2014 November elections.

The truth is America’s founders wanted a robust energetic executive branch. Alexander Hamilton’s view prevailed for the most part. The Constitution corrected the almost non-existent federal government established by the Articles of Confederation.

The federal government was still too weak, which required a Civil War to correct.

We need a strong federal government and a strong Presidency to be a world super-power. Otherwise, we would devolve into tribalism, like Afghanistan. We don’t want that.

But if the President abuses his power, does things the people don’t want, the people have a chance every two years to rein him in.

The problem with a country run by Congress is we get dysfunction — nothing happens. Or, you end up with tyranny by bureaucracy — which is what we have now. Congress is lazy. So it likes to delegate its law-making authority to faceless bureaucrats who are accountable to no one.

But the problem with a country run by a single individual (a king or dictator) is that very bad things can happen — like Adolf Hitler. Henry VIII was no bargain either. Neither was Louis XIV.

The beauty of the American system is that ultimately the people get the government they want and deserve.

We have an opportunity every two years to correct course.

I was stunned that America reelected Obama in 2012. But that’s what happened. That’s the way it is.

Apparently, Americans had not had enough socialism, or did not really understand ObamaCare, or thought they had corrected Obama’s excesses with the 2010 mid-term Congressional elections, which were a landslide for Republicans.

Or perhaps Mitt Romney did not present a compelling case against ousting a sitting President.

Whatever happened in 2012, Obama won — and the election was not all that close.

I like having an energetic President. I like clear choices. This way the people can see quickly what’s really happening. They can then say “yes” or “no.” They can do that every two years.

My sense is that Obama is too radical for America. He’s done a good job of masking how radical he really is. So he won reelection in 2012 against Thurston Howell III.

But now people are beginning to see the real Obama. They don’t like ObamaCare — never have.

They don’t like his war on business — that is, the U.S. economy.

Most Americans like business — the source of jobs and money.

Most Americans like capitalism, the source of wealth — so we aren’t relegated to mud huts.

Most Americans don’t think most jobs should be government jobs . . . because Communism did not work out so well.

Yes, people want a safety net. They want Medicare. The want Social Security. They don’t like to see beggers on the street. But they don’t like socialism either. Most Americans admire Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. They admire achievers. Most Americans don’t want to punish people just because they achieved.

Most Americans understand that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison made our lives better — much better. Why punish them? Why crush innovators and producers with the heavy hand of government bureaucracy.

They also want a safety net. They want to protect the disabled and the elderly — but they don’t want to reward the lazy and the clueless.

My guess is that America will reject Obama’s neo-Marxism.

What’s great about Obama is he really is offering America a clear choice.

America’s founders did their best to protect us from ourselves. But ultimately we get the government we deserve.

I have no problem with that.

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