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Is America Over?

Let’s not kid ourselves.

The recent election seems to indicate that America is probably over.

Unlike in 2008, we can’t say the American people just did not understand who they were electing — a socialist (at a minimum), but more likely some kind of Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Anita Dunn, Van Jones, ACORN-style neo-Marxist.

Americans knew exactly what they were doing when they reelected Barack Obama.

In 2012, America clearly chose more socialism, more deficit spending, a lifetime of debt for our children and grandchildren, and a future that looks like Greece, Venezuela, or worse.

And the election wasn’t that close.  The only states Mitt Romney carried that John McCain didn’t were North Carolina and Indiana.

We have become “Food Stamp Nation.” We have become the “Entitlement Society.”

Goodbye “land of the free.”

On July 4, 1776, America declared its “Independence” from the British Empire, and fought a seven-year war to achieve that.

November 6, 2012, will mark the day that today’s Americans declared that what they really want is “Dependence” on Big Government.  Most Americans don’t want “Independence” and freedom any more.

So let’s be honest  and cancel  July 4th celebrations — Independence Day . . . because we now have November 6th — “Dependence Day.”

Most Americans prefer to be “taken care of” by a busy body Nanny State.

Consider these discouraging facts on the state of American public opinion . . .

  • A Washington Post poll shows 54 percent of the American people trust Obama more than the Republicans in Congress on the economy. Only 34 percent trust the Republicans more than Obama on the economy.
  • The same poll shows six in ten Americans opposed even to raising Medicare eligibility from age 65 to age 67 as a way to save money.
  • 60 percent say any changes to Social Security are unacceptable — such as raising the retirement age for receiving Social Security benefits.
  • Only 29 percent of Americans think the best way to reduce the budget deficit is to cut spending.
  • 74 percent support raising taxes on Americans earning more than $250,000 per year.
  • 54 percent support increase taxes on Americans earning more than $50,000 per year, such as by phasing out or eliminating the mortgage interest payments deduction.
  • A new Rasmussen poll shows only 37 percent of Americans consider themselves “fiscal conservatives.” The rest just want to keep on spending — keep spending about the same, or spend more.

Obama has made it clear he will accept no spending cuts whatsoever as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations, just tax increases and more debt.  That’s his answer to the $17 TRILLION national debt — soon to be $20 TRILLION, then $30 TRILLION.

Yet the American people clearly like his approach far more than House Republican efforts to restore some fiscal sanity to our spending mess.

Obama’s job approval rating in the Gallup and Rasmussen daily tracking polls today stands at 56 percent.

Americans appear willing to accept the current 7.8 percent unemployment rate as the new normal.  The unemployment rate is over 10 percent if you use the size of the workforce that existed on Obama’s first day in office.

The U.S. economy is growing at a rate of about 2 percent a year — barely enough to keep up with population growth, and half the rate of the average economic recovery following a recession.

Almost all this meager economic growth we are seeing is occurring from government spending — that is, by deficit spending.

Almost none of the economic growth we are seeing is coming from the private sector — the wealth creating sector.

Growth that comes from government deficit spending is not real growth.  I can live better for a while by running up my credit card charges.  But at a certain point, my financial world implodes.

That’s how the Obama economy is achieving even the pathetic growth we’re now seeing.

The annual income of the median American household has dropped by $4,300 under the Obama Presidency.

But Americans appear satisfied with this state of affairs. Americans are giving Obama high marks for this performance.

So where’s the hope for a better future?

I’m not seeing any.

Will Republicans and conservatives win any victories in the future?

Sure, we will.  We’ll win some victories here and there.

But the long-term trend is downward.  The Republican candidate for President has won a majority of the popular vote just once since 1988.

What makes you think things are going to get better?

Unless we figure out  away to get at least 40 percent of the Hispanic vote instead of the 27 percent Romney got, we’re doomed.

American voters are making it very clear what they want, repeatedly.

What they want is clearly not freedom.

Americans just don’t value freedom and opportunity much anymore.

They want to be taken care of by the government.  And they don’t care much about what kind of a country they leave for their children and grandchildren.

Americans won’t accept one penny of cuts to their benefits even if it means saving America for future generations.

The truth is, we could solve the budget deficit crisis pretty quickly if we just . . .

1) Increase the age of eligibility for receiving Medicare and Social Security from 65 to 70 and then index that to increasing life-expectancy.

The average life expectancy in 1949 in America was to age 66.

This means people could expect to receive Social Security benefits for one year on average.

Today, the average life expectancy is age 76.  But many are living into their 90s.

I’m 54 years old.  I fully expect to be working until I’m dead or incapacitated  . . . because I love doing what I do.  I can’t stand the thought of retiring.  To do what? Play golf?

How many hours a day can I play golf?

I plan on working for as long as I’m physically able to do so . . . because I love working.  There’s just not enough time in life to do all I want to do.

We need to raise the age for receiving Social Security and Medicare to at least age 70 and then index the eligibility age for participating in these programs to average life expectancy, which increases every year.

Those reforms alone would mostly solve our deficit problem.

2) Cut defense spending by one third.

America now spends $950,000,000 a year on defense.  That’s nearly $1 TRILLION, or about 26 percent of our $3.8 TRILLION yearly federal budget.

Right now, 43 percent of the entire world’s military spending is, well, us. We are spending six times more on our military than #2 China.

We are spending 14 times more than Russia. Both Britain and France spend more on their military than Russia.

Russia is really just a Third World country, no longer much to worry about.

There’s no Hitler on the horizon and aircraft carriers are not needed to kill terrorists.

Surely the 12 aircraft carriers we now have are enough.

No other country in the world has more than two aircraft carriers. China and Russia each have one aircraft carrier.

The main threat to us is terrorism. Aircraft carriers and enormous standing armies are not what we need to defeat terrorism.  What we need to defeat terrorism are excellent intelligence, more special ops forces, more drones, and the like.  But these are not high-ticket items, like aircraft carriers.

President Eisenhower (no liberal) warned America about the “military industrial complex” and the threat it presents to our liberty and wallets.

But that Washington Post poll shows that most Americans don’t want any cuts to our military either. Americans want no cuts whatsoever to anything government is doing.

The U.S. government today is borrowing 42 cents our of every dollar it spends.

But Americans won’t tolerate  even modest common-sense budget reforms to put America’s fiscal house in order and save the country for future generations.

Today, it’s all about how much free stuff can I have right now from the government before the American economy completely implodes under the weight of this $17 TRILLION debt that’s going up $1 TRILLION every year, with no end in sight.

Add to this $500,000,000,000 new dollars the Federal Reserve continues to print every year like confetti.  Because of all this new money the Federal Reserve has been printing under Ben Bernanke and Obama, the value of the dollar has declined by 40 percent (compared to gold and other commodities) since Obama’s first day in office.

Americans knew exactly what they were doing when they voted to reelect Obama for another four years. They want to party on someone else’s dime until the money runs out and the economy implodes.

So I’m going to be changing the focus of this blog.

This blog is no longer going to be much about day-to-day politics.

I really don’t care much what happens in the fiscal cliff negotiations.

Ideally, we will go over the fiscal cliff.  We should not be negotiating at all with Obama. We should just let the fiscal cliff happen.

We should let the automatic spending cuts kick in along with all those tax increases that will also kick in on January 1 . . . because Americans should at least pay for the all the government they are demanding — not pass the bill onto future generations.

But this blog won’t be focusing much anymore on all that.

Instead, I’ll mostly focus on steps you can take to save yourself and your family from the coming inevitable economic collapse.

America appears to be over — at least for the foreseeable future.

If America is ultimately to be saved, things will need to get a whole lot worse before they get better.

Americans will need to experience true full-bloom socialism before they reject it — much as has happened in Eastern Europe.  Americans will need to find out what it’s like when most of the federal budget is dedicated to paying for the national debt.

Americans will need to find out what it’s really like to lose freedom before they start to value freedom again.

It’s no fun having government bureaucrats micromanaging every aspect of your life.

People in prison quickly learn that it’s no fun in prison. They’ll do anything to get out — even though the prison gives them free food, free housing, and free health care.  It’s still Hell.

People would rather live in the woods with nothing than stay in the prison.

To save America, perhaps then we should just let Obama and the Left have what they want.

Let them quickly turn America into Greece or Cuba . . . and then see how Americans like it.

Meanwhile, we can continue to talk about freedom and first principles, as articulated in America’s Declaration of Independence.  Then perhaps Americans will eventually return to that . . . because it was, after all, freedom that made America the most prosperous nation in human history.

Until then, until the American people learn what socialism (prison) is really like, and start to value freedom again, it will be like “Moses in the Wilderness” for us who believe in the original American idea of limited government.

THE GOP ESTABLISHMENT’S EPIC FAIL: Romney got 2,000,000 fewer votes than McCain

Conservatism did not lose on November 6th. The conservative case was not on the ballot and was never made in 2012. Obama won a purely tactical victory over an incompetent Romney campaign.

Mitt Romney in 2012 got 3,000,000 fewer votes than John McCain received in 2008.

He received 7,000,000 fewer votes than George W. Bush in 2004.

Barack Obama received about the same number of votes as John McCain in 2008. Obama received 9,000,000 fewer votes in 2012 that he received in 2008.

If you had told me before Election Day that Barack Obama’s vote total would drop 13 percent from what it was in 2008, I would have broken out the champagne, party hats, and plastic horns.

This election was no mandate for Obama.

Had Romney even slightly exceeded McCain’s 2008 vote total, he would have won the election.

Incredibly, Romney got a smaller share of the Mormon vote than Bush did.

The Romney campaign will go down in history as one of the most incompetent and ineffective Presidential campaigns of all time by a major national party nominee.

Who would have thought that the Republican nominee this year would be unable to match even John McCain’s pathetic 2008 vote total?

Most of us thought McCain’s campaign was incredibly weak at the time.

Today, McCain looks like a pillar of strength when compared to the Romney effort.

Plus, look what McCain was up against. We had just had the financial collapse. George W. Bush was among the most unpopular Presidents in American history. Bush’s claims about WMDs being in Iraq were apparently wrong, so we got into a war that was completely unnecessary. The U.S. economy was in free-fall collapse.

Meanwhile, Obama was hailed as the Messiah in 2008. He dispatched Hillary Clinton in the primaries, who was thought to be unstoppable. He was filling football stadiums with his speeches. People in audiences were fainting just because they were in his presence.

Yet McCain was able to get more votes than Mitt Romney.

Now consider all the advantages Romney had going for him.

The economy is still dead on its back. Most Americans disagree with Obama’s big government, tax-and-spend approach. Most Americans oppose ObamaCare and want ObamaCare repealed.

Other than killing bin Laden, there is literally nothing Obama can point to that has worked.

We now have a $16.3 TRILLION national debt — $6 TRILLION more than on Obama’s first day on the job. And Obama’s big solution is to spend more. The unemployment rate is higher than it was on Obama’s first day in office four years ago. We are becoming like Greece in terms of debt. The price of a gallon of gas has doubled. The real estate market is still in crash mode. We have 49 million Americans on food stamps, up from 34 million on Obama’s first day in office. The dollar has lost half its value. The Middle East is on fire.

What has Obama done that has worked?


How is it possible that Romney was unable even to match McCain’s vote total?

This is what happens when you run a campaign that has no theme — really no rationale.

Romney’s campaign theme was basically this:

“I’ll raise your take-home pay and get the economy moving again. Obama is a nice guy, but his policies just aren’t working. Time to try something new.”

Romney’s entire message summarized was: Obama failed, so give me the keys to the car.

But everyone knows we fail all the time. I fail everyday. I get things wrong all the time. That, by itself, doesn’t mean I’m incompetent or that I’m going to keep failing.  I try to learn from my mistakes and failures. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have had plenty of failures, made plenty of mistakes.

Show me someone who hasn’t failed, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t take risks and who hasn’t achieved much in life.  Ronald Reagan had plenty of big failures.

So just pointing out over and over again that someone is failing doesn’t tell you anything. In fact, that might even gin up sympathy for the person if you over do it.

The question is: What’s causing the failure?

And is there any prospect that you are learning from your mistakes?

Is it Obama’s fault that Obama is failing?

Or is the failure due to factors beyond Obama’s control?

Romney never connected the dots on WHY Obama’s policies aren’t working.

Obama’s policies are not working because they are built on a philosophy that’s wrong, ideas that are wrong — socialist ideas that have never worked.

Obama’s policies aren’t working because he’s a deficit spender.  He thinks we aren’t spending enough. He thinks if we spend more, the U.S. economy will come back.

This is like thinking the answer to your massive credit card debt is to just spend more — that the more you spend and go into debt, the richer you’ll get.

That, in a nutshell, is the Obama prescription for the economy.

Obama’s socialistic, anti-capitalist philosophy is also causing the failure and leading to policies that are the exact opposite of the direction we should be heading.

It’s not that Obama is missing the target. We can understand shooting at a target and missing. It’s that he’s shooting in the opposite direction of the target. So no matter how often he shoots, the arrow will land even farther away from the target than from where it was launched.

In other words, America would be far better off if Obama would have done absolutely nothing than what he did. And Obama has promised to do more of the same.

So America’s economic crisis will continue to get worse — will soon turn into a full blown economic collapse if we don’t reverse course, if we don’t do exactly the opposite of what Obama wants to do . . . in every area.

There is literally no Obama policy that is the correct prescription for the economy.

Everything Obama is doing is making the economy worse.  The economy continues to limp along, despite Obama. In fact, it looks like we are about to dip into another recession.

Obama believes in big government, the more government the better. Obama’s answer to America’s economic problems is always to grow government — to spend more, to hire more government bureaucrats, to build more government bureaucracies.

He’s a believer in top-down government-imposed solutions.  He doesn’t believe much in the idea that free markets and free people will produce much better results over the long term — that free-market capitalism is the surest path to prosperity.  His answer to every problem is to write more regulations, pass more laws, create more government programs.

He now wants to have a Secretary of Business — as though this is the answer to the lack of new business formation.  We now have the lowest rate of new business start-ups on record.

Economic growth always comes from new business start-ups.  But it’s very tough for new businesses to form and grow in the current regulatory environment — especially with ObamaCare now lurking.

Obama is a European-style Socialist, at best. Never mind that countries like France, Spain and Greece now have unemployment rates of about 25 percent.

This is where we’re heading. Obama’s supporters call America’s current economic stagnation the “new normal.”

They think America was too rich anyway and needed to be taken down a few pegs.

So that’s what’s happening.

Obama told us he’s out to “fundamentally transform” America.

What if you told your wife you want to “fundamentally transform” her?

Is that sending a message that you love your wife?

Does someone who wants to “fundamentally transform” America love America?

Obviously not.

But there were no ads, no mentions from the Romney camp about Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” America.

That would have been a great debate to have. What exactly does Obama have in mind with his promise to “fundamentally transform” America?

It’s a debate that surely would have raised more than a few eyebrows in the electorate.

It would be nice if Romney had asked Obama this question during one of the debates. This would have made a great ad.

Most Americans aren’t Socialists, don’t want America to be like Europe — don’t think this should be the “new normal” and certainly don’t want to “fundamentally transform” America.

Every survey shows that most Americans want less government. Only 20 percent of Americans describe themselves as liberal, while 40 percent describe themselves as conservative.

But Romney never once called Obama a Leftist — or even a big spending, big government, tax-and-spend liberal.

If he had, the American people would better understand why every Obama policy leads to more failure.

It’s inexplicable that Obama’s job approval rating kept rising during the campaign.

At the start of the campaign, Obama’s job approval rating was about 45 percent. By the end of the campaign it was 50 percent.

When has that ever happened during the course of a political campaign?

The more Romney’s ads aired, the higher Obama’s job approval would rise.

This should tell you something. At a minimum, it should tell you to stop running these ads — to get some new ads, get a new message.

Conservatives consistently win elections that are about big ideas and big themes — about the overall direction the country should be heading. But we tend to lose tactical elections — when the election is about small issues (like “legitimate rape,” “Big Bird,” and free condoms).

Obama won a tactical election victory because this turned out not to be an election about ideas at all. No ideas were even discussed. So some people even ended up letting Hurricane Sandy decide their vote.

Who could even tell who the conservative was and who the liberal was in this race based on the content of these campaigns?

It’s not that Obama is any kind of political juggernaut. He received 9,000,000 fewer votes in 2012 than in 2008. By any standard, that’s failure — when an incumbent President can’t even come close to matching his previous vote total.

When that happens, the incumbent President loses.  Certainly always has in the past.

But not this time . . . because Romney turned in an even more pathetic performance.

And that was the big wild card of this Election.

We expected Obama’s vote total to decline dramatically from what it was in 2008 — down to McCain’s level.

That happened.

The fact that that happened is why I was predicting a landslide election victory for Romney — despite his shockingly weak campaign.

What no one expected was Romney’s inability even to match McCain’s 2008 vote total.

What no one expected was Romney getting 2,000,000 fewer votes than even McCain’s weak and inept campaign.

How is this even possible?

When you think about it, Mitt Romney only had one good moment in this election — and that was his first debate with Obama. He did a good job there.

But that was it. The election was over for Romney until that first debate because the Romney campaign allowed Obama to define him. That first debate gave Romney some new life. But then he went back into a cautious prevent-defense mode and tried to run out the clock — which never works.

You can’t beat something with absolutely nothing, which is what Romney tried to do.

He kept telling us he was going to create 12,000,000 new jobs.


Why not 6,000,000 . . . or 20,000,000?

Where are these jobs coming from? Where does this 12,000,000 number come from?

Romney never told us, just made the claim over and over again without ever connecting the dots, without ever saying how.

This is like saying “On Tuesday you’ll be on Mars.”

Really? How?

When will Republicans learn the formula for winning national campaigns?

And that’s simply to copy the Reagan formula.

We win by talking about our principles and big themes. We win when we talk about the benefits of liberty, of capitalism, of shrinking the number of government bureaucrats.

We win when we talk about America’s founding principles, as stated in our Declaration of Independence. We win when we talk about why America’s experiment in liberty and limited government was so successful — made America the most prosperous nation in human history.

We win when we educate the American people about liberty and its benefits.

We win when we talk about America being a “shining city on a hill” — a beacon of liberty and prosperity for all the world to follow.

People want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

It’s not just about the money. Romney kept talking about the $4,300 average decline in yearly take-home pay for the American household.

That’s certainly important to people. But the question is: WHY is this happening?

People want to know “WHY?” . . . because, if we don’t know WHY, how can we be sure you have the right answers.

Romney never answered that question.

So Obama was able to say plausibly that we’re victims of a global decline, or that he inherited a mess from Bush. Romney never made the case that the root of the problem is Obama’s Socialistic world-view — his false Utopian ideology that has never worked.

Romney made his campaign all about the money. “I’ll help you get higher take-home pay.”

But is this really all people want?

People also want a brighter future for their children and grandchildren. People also want freedom — not to be bossed around by government bureaucrats or harassed relentlessly by the IRS.

People want to be left alone by the government.

Is Bill Gates all about the money?

Or is he more about building something really big and consequential?

The American Dream is about a lot more than money. It’s about freedom. It’s about a society that allows people the freedom to have big dreams and big goals, whatever they may be. It’s about that “Shining City on Hill” that Ronald Reagan and the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock always talked about building — a Shining City on a Hill that can be a beacon of liberty, light and civilization for the rest of the world to follow.

Romney would have done well to talk about why so many people used to want to come to America, but no longer do.

Isn’t it interesting that immigration to America has slowed to a trickle since Obama’s first day in office?

People just aren’t so keen on coming to America anymore.

So that’s one way to control immigration and secure our border. Turn America into a dump. Then we won’t have the problem of trying to control immigration. But that’s not quite the immigration policy we want, is it?

We win when we talk about socialism’s dismal record throughout history. This could then be reinforced by talking about Obama’s dismal record — where he is trying his best to march America toward his Socialist vision.

But we never heard Romney talk about any of this.  Romney never painted a picture of how bleak America’s future will be if Obama is allowed to take America down the road he’s taking us.  The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek paints the picture, as does George Orwell’s 1984.

The Romney campaign hardly mentioned ObamaCare, including . . .

  • the 21 new taxes and tax increases that are part of ObamaCare and that kick in on January 1, 2013
  • the 16,000 IRS agents that are being hired now to enforce ObamaCare
  • the 159 new government agencies that are being built to administer ObamaCare
  • the 15-member Health Care Rationing Board that’s key t0o ObamaCare’s “cost containment” strategy.

It’s basically the North Korean health care strategy.  North Korea has universal health care for its citizens. But they only spend $1 per year per citizen on health care, so you have to conduct your own amputations (a true fact, by the way).

That’s certainly one way to cut health care costs!

The issue is not whether you can get health care. It’s the quality of your health care.

But no discussion of any of this from the Romney camp.

Obama keeps complaining that Americans spend more than anyone else on health care.

But that’s a meaningless statement.  We also spend more on housing, on food, on our cars, on vacations, on everything — because we are Americans. We are the most prosperous nation in human history and we can afford to.   But Romney never really engaged Obama philosophically, never engaged him on first principles.

We never had a real debate about what kind of a future we want for America — what kind of a society we want to pass onto our children and grandchildren.

I really don’t mind losing an election like that.  If the American people choose socialism over freedom, so be it.  But let’s at least have that debate.  We didn’t in this election.  Instead we had an election about Big Bird, free condoms, “legitimate rape,” and Hurricane Sandy.

For a reminder of what a winning conservative message sounds like, listen to Ronald Reagan’s great “A Time for Choosing Convention” speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater in 1964:

This great speech became the basis of Ronald Reagan’s future political career.

Almost every word in this speech applies today.

Republicans just need to study this speech and do this. This is how you inspire people.  He inspired a lot of Democrats with these speeches — created tens of millions of what became known as “Reagan Democrats.”

Reagan was able to get 37 percent of the Hispanic vote compared to 27 percent for Romney.  Reagan won more Hispanics over to his side with his ideas and principles than Romney and the current GOP leadership is winning with their no-principles, no-ideas approach.

Here’s more from Reagan . . .

Reagan’s Great 1980 Convention Speech . . .

Reagan’s debate performance against Carter . . .

What stands out is how much tougher Reagan was against Carter than Romney was against Obama.

Winning doesn’t get any simpler than this.

The Romney campaign had no theme.  After more than one billion dollars spent on campaign ads, we still have no idea what Romney would have actually done as President.

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Just study the speeches and campaigns of a winner.

Almost all the arguments Reagan made against Carter apply today, only more so.

Conservativism did not lose on Tuesday. Conservatism was not on the ballot.

I’m not sure what was on the ballot. But it certainly wasn’t conservative ideas and principles.

The conservative case was never made in 2012.

I find it interesting that all recent polls now have Obama and Romney exactly tied

It’s an insult to quackery to call polling quackery

The pollsters are now out to protect their reputations. So all the recent polls now suddenly have Mitt Romney and Barack Obama tied – EXACTLY tied.

A curious coincidence, don’t you think?


It wasn’t long ago that these polls were all over the map.  Now we see this mysterious and sudden convergence — just before their reliability can be checked against actual election results.

The truth is these pollsters have no idea what’s really happening, so they might as well call this election tied and protect their reputations.  Can’t be faulted for just saying what everyone else is saying.  So that’s what they’re doing.

As we have seen, polling really isn’t much of a science.  These polls are useless, always have been useless. You’ll get more truth by consulting your palm reader.

We see wild 10 point swings from one poll to another. National Journal last week had Obama up by five points, while Gallup had Romney up by five points . . . at the same time.

What’s the point of wasting time reading these polls where there is a 10 point variance between them?

These polls tell us there is a potential margin of error of between two and four points.

What use is that then for tracking a close race?

But it turns out there’s really a potential margin of error of at least ten points — since there’s a ten point difference between them.

Yet professional pundits base their commentaries on these bogus polls.

They say Romney is stumbling or Obama is surging because one poll shows a one or two point shift.

Dick Morris tells us Romney’s advantage is eroding because the Rasmussen poll now has Romney and Obama tied, instead of Romney two points up.  He attributes Romney’s so-called erosion to Hurricane Sandy.


Why isn’t it just statistical noise inherent in these tiny poll samples?

Most likely, Rasmussen is just protecting his reputation by calling this race now tied . . . because he has no more idea than anyone else what’s really happening out there.

Frankly, I wonder if these pollsters are really making the phone calls they say they are making to voters.  Why not just save the money and make up the numbers?

That would be just as useful.

Is anyone checking?

But even if they really are making these phone calls and talking to voters, we are assuming an entirely false precision to all these polls.

There’s simply no statistical possibility that a survey of 800 or 1,000 or 2,500 Americans can tell us within three percent or even five percent, with any reliability, what 130,000,000 voters are actually thinking now — much less how they will vote on Election Day.

Heck, we have no idea who will even vote in this election. That’s why the pollsters call these people “likely voters” and not “actual voters.”

And it really all comes down to that. Whose registered voters will actually show up to vote?

Pollsters are about as useful as witch doctors.  Why anyone would pay any attention to them is a mystery.

It’s insulting to pseudoscience and quackery to call polling pseudoscience or quackery.

But pollsters (like witch doctors) have to make a living, too. Now they have their reputations to protect so they can continue to make a living with their bogus craft.

The safest bet right now for these pollsters is to just call this race a tie. So that’s what they’re all doing.

The most reliable poll we have seen this year is the Wisconsin recall election involving Governor Scott Walker — when actual votes were cast (2.5 million actual votes).

Now that’s a representative polling sample in a heavily blue state. And it’s a great indicator of what’s really happening out there.

I’ve been basing my election predictions on that poll. What other poll do we really need?

What has fundamentally changed in the country since that recall election in June?

ANSWER: Nothing, except the economy is in even worse shape.  And the fiasco in Libya has happened since then. We also have a pretty good candidate in Mitt Romney.

Walker won the Wisconsin recall election by 7 points (in a solidly blue state) — about four points better than what the average of polls were saying during that final week.

I think it’s highly likely we will see a Wisconsin-sized polling error play itself out on Tuesday — with Mitt Romney winning by a comfortable margin.

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Fear Not! Six Reasons Why Romney Will Win Ohio

True. The polls are showing a narrow Obama edge in Ohio of about two points. Fear not. Here are six reasons why I’m 100 percent certain Romney will win Ohio by a comfortable margin . . .

1) Ohio is a Republican-leaning State

Republicans have controlled the governorship for 20 of the last 24 years. The GOP overwhelmingly controls both houses of the Ohio state legislature. Republicans hold all five of the statewide elected offices, including the governorship. All Ohio Supreme Court Justices are Republican.

2) Cuyahoga county — which includes Cleveland — has lost 150,000 registered voters since 2008.

This is Obama’s big county.  It’s where his votes are. So this is bad news for Obama.

3) Ohio traditionally votes about 2 points more Republican than the rest of the country.

Obama defeated McCain nationally by 7 points, but won Ohio by 4.7 percent.  The Real Clear Politics average of national polls shows Romney and Obama tied — though Gallup gives Romney a 5 point lead nationally.  So if Ohio is a point or two more Republican than the country as a whole, that gives the edge to Romney on this metric alone.

4) Romney is running anywhere from 7 percent to 18 percent ahead of Obama among Independent voters (depending on the poll).

I’m assuming Republicans and Democrats turnout in equal numbers. That gives the win to Romney because of the Independent vote.  But even if you give Democrats a 3 point turnout advantage over Republicans (highly unlikely), that still gives the win to Romney.

5) Obama only beat McCain in 2008 in Ohio by 4.7 points.

Obama is now running nationally 7-8 points behind his 2008 vote total according to the RCP average of polls. This fact will be mirrored in Ohio.

Do you really think Romney won’t perform 5 percent  better than McCain?

Do you really think Obama won’t perform at least 5 percent worse than in 2008 after four years of dismal economic performance?

Remember, McCain was a stunningly weak candidate, while Obama was heralded as the Messiah.

We had just had the financial meltdown under George W. Bush, who was the most unpopular President since Jimmy Carter.  But now Obama has a four-year record — and a sorry record it is.  An overwhelming majority of Americans believe America is headed in the wrong direction. Republican enthusiasm for this election is at a fever pitch, while Democrat enthusiasm is down. There’s just no way Romney won’t outperform McCain by more than 5 points in Ohio.

6) Early voting and absentee ballot requests have already erased Obama’s 2008 262,224 vote margin of victory over McCain.

Karl Rove has been closely tracking early voters and absentee ballot requests. Here’s what Rove said in his Wall Street Journal column the other day:

Adrian Gray, who oversaw the Bush 2004 voter-contact operation and is now a policy analyst for a New York investment firm, makes the point that as of Tuesday, 530,813 Ohio Democrats had voted early or had requested or cast an absentee ballot. That’s down 181,275 from four years ago. But 448,357 Ohio Republicans had voted early or had requested or cast an absentee ballot, up 75,858 from the last presidential election.
That 257,133-vote swing almost wipes out Mr. Obama’s 2008 Ohio victory margin of 262,224. Since most observers expect Republicans to win Election Day turnout, these early vote numbers point toward a Romney victory in Ohio.”

Rove was on FOX News last night with updated early-voting numbers that show Obama has now lost his entire 262,224 early voting and absentee ballot 2008 margin of victory. So Democrats continue to under-perform, while the GOP is over-performing with early voting and absentee ballots.

Remember, John McCain defeated Barack Obama in Ohio (and across the nation) with votes cast on Election Day. Obama’s entire margin of victory was achieved with early voting. The GOP has just about eliminated Obama’s early voting advantage and will now swamp Obama with Election Day votes. Republicans traditionally vote on Election Day.

So it’s game over for Obama on this early-voting and absentee ballot data alone.

The Bottom Line . . .

I do think Ohio will be fairly close. It always is.  That’s why it’s a bellwether state.

It won’t be a blowout for Romney, who has been hurt by the auto bailout issue in this state among some blue collar workers. That’s what’s keeping Obama reasonably close in Ohio. Though Obama is being hurt with blue collar workers in south eastern Ohio with his war on the coal industry. So this will dampen any advantage Obama is getting from the auto bailout. Romney will win Ohio by about 140,000 votes (2-3 percent).

No recount will be needed.

I also believe Romney will win Wisconsin, Iowa, and might even pull off a surprise victory in Pennsylvania.

Virginia, Florida and Colorado are now all in the bag for Romney.

About that NBC/WSJ/Marist poll that has Obama now leading in Ohio by 6.

Who knows whether this ridiculous poll is pure political propaganda, or just incompetence.

Does anyone really believe Obama will win Ohio this year by more than he won it by in 2008?

This so-called poll included a +9 Democrat advantage over Republicans in its sample.

So that’s all you have to know about this poll.

In 2008, the Democrat turnout margin over Republicans in Ohio was +7.

In 2010, Republicans were +1 over Dems in turnout.

Expect turnout in Ohio this year to be about equal between Democrats and Republicans. Romney will win with the 7 to 18 point advantage he now has with Independents (depending on the poll). If Romney’s advantage with Independents is just 6 points on Election Day, he’ll win Ohio handily.

GALLUP’S BOMBSHELL FINDING: And conclusive proof that this will be a blowout Election for Mitt Romney

I’ve been saying now for months that Mitt Romney will win this by 6+ points. This election will not be close.

Here’s more evidence I’m right.

Gallup has had Mitt at the 50 percent or more mark now for about two weeks. Today, Mitt is up 5.

Rasmussen also has Mitt at 50 percent, now up four points over Obama.

But that’s not the really devastating news for Obama. That’s not what I want to point out here.

The really bad news for Obama and the Dems is hidden in Gallup’s internal numbers.

The metric to focus on is party identification.

I know. Everyone’s focused on the undecided vote. That favors Mitt because undecideds tend to break against the incumbent in Presidential elections by a 2-to-1 margin.

So if Romney is ahead now (which he is), he’ll be more ahead on Election Day.

But that’s not the important news because I don’t think there are many undecided voters.

If you are an undecided voter today, you must be a total moron — or have no interest whatsoever in politics, so probably won’t vote anyway.

The important news is Party ID breakdown.

This little nugget is buried deep in Gallup’s otherwise boring article on its poll titled: “2012 U.S. Electorate Looks Like 2008.”

From the headline, it sure doesn’t sound like there’s any news here. I would not expect the basic demographics of the country to change much in four years (about the same percentages of men, women, blacks, Hispanics, whites, Asians, seniors, yoots, etc). So no big deal there.

Why even bother to conduct a poll on all that?

You have to read the entire article and poll to find out what’s really important.

And what’s really important is this BOMBSHELL fact . . .

In 2008 Democrats had a 39-29 (D+10) advantage in hard party ID, and a 54-42 (D+12) advantage when you throw in leaners.

But now Republicans show a 36-35 (R+1) hard party ID advantage, and a 49-46 (R+3) lead when you include leaners.

So, we have a party ID shift here of 11 to 15 points.

This is devastating not just to Obama, but to Democrats down the entire ballot.

Yup, we’re talking victories by the Todd Akins and Richard Mourdocks of the world.

Just about any candidate with an “R” next to his or her name has a great chance to win on November 6th.

Then when you throw in the 10-20 point advantage Romney has among Independents (depending on the poll), we’re looking at a blowout Election of historic proportions against the incumbent President.

In other words, what we are seeing here is the destruction of the Democrat Party by Barack Obama.

But what about Ohio?

I know a lot of you are worried about Ohio.  We really haven’t seen any public polls that show Romney ahead.  We have a few that show him tied.  Most polls have Mitt slightly behind.

Fear not.  The metric to focus on here is Romney’s standing among Independents in Ohio.

Figure Republicans and Democrats will turn out in about equal numbers. Heck, give a generous two-point edge to self-identified Dems.

Here’s a chart of recent polls — including all those biased media polls that over-sample Democrats by 6-10 points:

In 2008, Obama won the Independents in Ohio by 8 points and won the state by 4.

So this presents a clear picture of what we will see in Ohio.

Some Ohio “Early Voting” Data Points . . .

Here’s what’s happening so far with “Early Voting” in Ohio.

220,000 fewer Democrats have voted early in Ohio compared with 2008 by this point. And 30,000 more Republicans have cast their ballots compared with four years ago at this point. That is a 250,000-vote net increase for a state Obama won by 260,000 votes in 2008.

Republicans always perform much better on Election Day.  John McCain would be President today if we only counted votes cast on Election Day. The fact that Republicans and Democrats are now essentially tied in Ohio early voting is very bad news for Obama.

In summary, what we are about to witness is the most lopsided defeat of an incumbent President in an Election since Jimmy Carter. And this election blowout might surpass even that.

So sit back, have a glass of wine, smile, and relax — and enjoy watching Team Obama and the Left descend into total panic and gloom over the next nine days as this reality starts to break through.

Obama’s embarrassing 20-page jobs plan for the next four years

I just finished reading Obama’s entire “jobs” agenda for his second term. It took me exactly three minutes to get through it.

And I read every word. This would not even pass the laugh test for an 8th grade essay assignment.

Who approved this?

Did Obama even read this before it went to press?

This is truly sad.

There’s not much text in this dopey (but glossy)  20-page pamphlet. It’s mostly pictures of Obama. In fact, there are a total of 17 photos of the President — photos of Obama looking down benevolently on children, seniors, Hispanics, blacks, union workers, etc.

80 percent of the space is taken up with photos.

So you’ll need additional reading material if you take this into the bathroom  to occupy your time.  This little pamphlet won’t last you all the way through your stint on the can.

The actual content of Obama’s program for the next four years is even more ridiculous than the 17 photos.

Much of the text is about the wonders of ObamaCare.

But that’s already been signed into law. So that’s not really an agenda for the future, is it?

That  already happened. Well, it’s going to happen. We haven’t yet felt the full brunt of ObamaCare because most of it starts kicking in on January 1, after the election, and won’t fully kick in until 2014.

Then we get to the actual agenda. And we find there is absolutely nothing new here.

It’s all a rehash of Obama proposals from the first term.

Obama’s budget was unable to get a single vote in Congress, not even a single Democrat vote. That alone should tell you that nothing Obama proposes is serious.

The text is essentially copied and pasted excerpts from the speech Obama delivered at the Democratic National Convention in September. The words are almost identical.

He says he’s going to ask the rich to “pay a little more.”

He repeats the lie about getting rid of special tax breaks for U.S. companies that set up factories or relocate overseas. There are no special tax breaks outside the normal deductions for business expenses that the IRS needs to calculate profit — so profit can be taxed.

Few believe we should be taxing losses, although this seems to be what Obama is proposing to do.

He talks about the need to develop “clean energy” and how this will create all kinds of new “green jobs.”

He wants more windmills, more solar panels, and lots of research on how to turn algae and garbage into fuel. He also wants lots of people making batteries for his Obama Volt cars that are selling so well (NOT).

Yes, all that’s worked out so well for America so far.

He boasts about how He — Obama — saved the American auto industry.

This, of course, had nothing to do with George W. Bush who wrote the first bailout checks, or with you, the taxpayer.

Ford Motor Company would likely also disagree with this assessment. Ford took no bailout money and is doing much better than GM. In fact, GM desperately wants to buy back its stock from Uncle Sam, but Obama won’t let them.

GM says being known as Government Motors is badly hurting its business.

Few people want to buy a Government Motors car or an Obama Volt.

I feel sorry for GM — having to operate now with all of Obama’s ridiculous mandates (Golden Handcuffs).  I doubt GM really wants to waste time and money making the dismal Obama Volt (which has a range of 40 miles per battery charge).

Romney’s approach of letting GM go through a managed bankruptcy with the help of (as a last resort) some guaranteed government-backed loans (as happened with Chrysler in 1979) was the correct approach — not giving GM to the labor unions to run and robbing the bondholders and pensions of the non-union workers.

On the day of the government’s initial public offering on November 18, 2010, the price of GM’s stock was $35.

It hit a high of $38.98 on January 7, 2011. And it’s been down hill ever since.

Today, GM’s stock is trading at $24.68.

If that’s success, I’d hate to see what failure looks like. Probably more like Solyndra.

GM’s stock would have to go up to $55 a share for taxpayers to get their money back — more than double where the stock is now.

Inexplicably, Obama (as part of his takeover of GM) forced 2,400 GM dealerships to close, many of them profitable, eliminating tens of thousands of jobs.

And Obama is attacking Romney over Bain Capital?!

Now GM is on the brink of bankruptcy again.

So looks like we’ll get to test Romney’s managed bankruptcy solution soon, after Romney is elected President.

Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and Donald Trump all went through the normal bankruptcy process and emerged stronger. Many great companies have.

The purpose of bankruptcy is not to destroy companies, but to allow companies to survive by restructuring their debt and giving them time to reorganize. Often companies come out of bankruptcy stronger and leaner.

Had GM gone through the normal bankruptcy process, it could have gotten out of all those ridiculous labor union contracts.

Let’s see, what else is in this 20-page pamphlet?

Here’s an item that caught my eye . . .

Obama boasts that oil and gasoline consumption are down.

But that’s because of his miserable economy and the doubling of the price of gasoline under Obama that has forced people to reduce their oil and gas consumption. Americans have been cancelling their summer vacations and driving a lot less under Obama.

Plus the median American household has lost $4,345 in annual income since Obama came into office. So many Americans just can’t afford to do anything — can’t afford to go out to eat, can’t afford to go to a movie, can’t afford to go to the grocery store.

That’s why oil and gas consumption are down. Demand for everything is down. Almost everyone is making do with less — except for the Obamas.

According to this pamphlet, this is one of Obama’s big achievements.

But this still isn’t exactly an agenda, is it? All this has already happened. And what’s happened over the last four years is mostly very, very bad.

Obama boasts of three trade pacts he signed. But all these were handed to him by George W. Bush. Gee, this doesn’t sound like an agenda item either. These are also things that have already happened — in the past.

We want to know what’s going to happen.

Here’s something . . .

Obama plans to create 20 new government agencies that will focus on manufacturing and innovation because, as we all know, the government is responsible for so much manufacturing and innovation.

Will these 20 new government bureaucracies work as well as the U.S. Department of Energy? Or will they work more like the Post Office or the IRS?

The pamphlet doesn’t say.

But it sounds just great.

All this is on top of the 159 new Soviet-style government agencies created by ObamaCare.

Obama says he plans some spending cuts, but won’t say where. He says he will reduce the deficit, but won’t say how, except he wants to raise taxes on the rich — so they pay their fair share (because they aren’t now).

He says he wants to hire more teachers, more fire fighters, more policemen, build more bridges, and repair our infrastructure.

Gee, where have we heard those ideas before?

Wasn’t the TRILLION-dollar stimulus supposed to do that?

How well has that worked out?

What happened to all that money?

Does the infrastructure look repaired to you?

And isn’t it state and local governments that hire teachers, fire fighters, policemen, and build and repair most of our roads?

The federal government only handles the Interstate highway system.

Obama has borrowed one of Romney’s ideas and now says he wants to reduce corporate tax rates.

I’m encouraged by this.  I support it.

Usually, he just demonizes business. He worked in the private sector briefly once — as a junior copy editor for a financial publisher. He called that brief experience “working behind enemy lines.”

But now he says he wants to cut the top tax rate on business.

So I guess that’s the one unexpected thought in this ridiculous pamphlet. It’s a proposal Obama never talks about.

Why do I feel Obama’s heart really is not in that idea?

He also says what America needs is a “New Economic Patriotism.”

This idea is not encouraging.

A “New Economic Patriotism” is  exactly what Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin called for.

But at least Obama is not calling for a “Final Solution.”

MITTMENTUM: Romney gets poll bounce in Ohio after final debate

It’s now all tied up in the Buckeye state 48-48, proving definitively that Romney-Ryan won all four debates.

A new Rasmussen poll taken after the final debate, shows Mitt Romney and Barack Obama tied in Ohio with 48 percent apiece.

Before the debate, Rasmussen had Obama up by one.

So the bounce isn’t much, but Mittmentum continues, proving that the Romney-Ryan ticket won all four debates. Even if there had been no movement either way in the polls, the final debate would be a victory for Mitt because his task was just to keep Mittmendum going, not to have a reversal of Mittmentum.

Romney-Ryan has received a bounce (often substantial) after every debate, even though the mainstream media awarded three of the four debates to Obama-Biden.

Today’s Rasmussen national tracking poll shows Romney leading Obama 50-46 — no change from yesterday.  But today’s three-day tracking poll includes one day of polling after the final debate. So no gain for Obama from the final debate.

For Romney now to be at 50 percent or higher nationally in both the Gallup and Rasmussen polls is devastating to Obama.

What it all means . . .

Obama’s reelect number has been stuck at 47 percent for months.

Scott Rasmussen, Gallup, and Suffolk University Political Research are the only three polls I trust. The media-sponsored polls have proven themselves to be worthless.

Rasmussen, Gallup, and Suffolk Research try to get it right. The other polls are mostly political propaganda for the Left, or just aren’t accurate.

Undecided voters almost always break 70 percent against the incumbent in Presidential races.  So for Obama to be at 48 percent in the Buckeye state is disastrous for his chances.

If Romney wins Ohio, he will just about certainly win the election. If he loses Ohio, he can still win, but the math becomes more complicated.

Why I continue to predict a blowout election for Romney . . .

I have been predicting a blowout election in favor of Romney for months.  Before the first debate, I was projecting Romney winning by 4.  Since the first debate, I have been projecting Romney winning by at least 7.


Because Obama’s reelect number has been stuck at 47 for months. Remember, 70 percent of undecided voters break in the final days against the incumbent President.

So that’s a 4-6 point Romney victory right there assuming both sides turnout in equal intensity.

But that won’t happen.  Obama’s voters are not enthusiastic about Obama, while the anti-Obama vote is at a fevered pitch.

The intensity of the anti-Obama vote will swamp Obama in the final days and add at least three percent to Romney’s margin of victory over what Gallup and Rasmussen are showing now.

It’s simple math.

And think about this.

Scott Walker outperformed what the polls were saying in the June recall election in Wisconsin by four points.  If there is a Wisconsin-sized polling error at work now nationally (which I believe there is) you’ll see Romney win by 10 or more.

The Wisconsin recall election (in a heavily blue state) is the best poll and best indication of what’s likely to happen on November 6th.

It’s been my belief that there is a hidden anti-Obama vote out there simmering beneath the surface that even the best pollsters are not picking up.  Look at what happened in the 2010 mid-term elections.

Has the economy improved since 2010?  Has the situation in the Middle East improved since then?  Is America more positive about ObamaCare since then? Is gasoline any cheaper?  Is the deficit going down?  Does America think we are not spending enough on government programs?  Do Americans now see Obama’s stimulus and all this deficit spending as a success?  Is America looking forward to Taxmageddon kicking in on January 1?

The answer on all these questions is no.

So why will we see a different result on November 6th than we saw in 2010?

DEBATE SEASON SCORE: Romney-Ryan 4, Obama-Biden 0

Obama plays small ball, while Romney focuses on what’s important to America.

The Romney-Ryan ticket has now won all four debates.

All agree, Romney crushed Obama in the first debate. That debate was so one-sided that it is one of the few Presidential debates in history that actually changed the trajectory of a Presidential race.

Biden looked mentally unstable in his debate performance, with his non-stop laughing at inappropriate times (such as in the discussion about Iran getting the nuclear bomb), his constant smirking, guffawing, and interrupting. Biden appears to be suffering from some form of dementia.

Obama’s best performance was in his second debate with Romney. But polls of debate watchers overwhelmingly thought Romney had better answers on the #1 issue of the day, which is the economy.

Romney’s momentum in the polls accelerated after the Biden debate fiasco and after Obama’s second debate performance.

Debate #3 may prove as disastrous for Obama as debate #1.

This debate is the nail in the coffin for the Obama regime.

The insta-polls after the debate gave Obama a narrow victory on points. CNN’s poll of debate watchers had it 48 percent for Obama, 40 for Romney.

But on the question of: “Who did the debate make you more likely to vote for?“, the score in the CNN poll was Romney 25 percent to Obama 24 — with 50 percent saying the debate will have no impact on their vote.

So, essentially, it was a draw — with Romney slightly ahead on the question that matters.

Romney is already ahead in the polls, with two weeks to go before the election.

Romney’s goal in the debate was to run out the clock and look Presidential — that is, to look like he’s up to the job of Commander-in-Chief.

He did that in spades.

Obama’s goal was to show that Romney is not up to the job. He failed miserably.

And Romney’s performance in the debate will continue to look better in hindsight. Obama’s performance will look worse.

Romney took the high road throughout this final debate.

He decided not to attack Obama much, but calmly laid out his approach to foreign policy and national defense. He also did a good job of tying the economy to America’s leadership position in the world.

America can’t be strong if our economy is in shambles, or if we are $16 TRILLION in debt — a TRILLION of which we owe to China.

Voters understand that.

Voters (especially undecided voters) don’t follow foreign policy much. But they certainly understand the importance of having a strong economy if we are to continue to be a world superpower. And they certainly see that America’s superpower status is now on the wane as a direct result of our weak economy. We are a nation in decline at home and overseas.

China is on the rise.

Romney successfully connected all those dots throughout the debate.

Yes, it was on the surface a foreign policy debate. But it’s still the economy, stupid.

Obama, meanwhile, acted churlish, petulant, even desperate with his constant attacks on Romney — entirely over small, petty issues.

Romney went big in this debate. He talked about big themes, mostly ignoring Obama.

I was glad to see Romney mostly abandon neo-conservatism for more of an America First foreign policy.

Forget trying to turn these Muslim countries into Jeffersonian democracies.  We will project power only when it’s in America’s interest to do so. We’re certainly not anxious to get into anymore land wars in the Middle East. And no more foreign nation building.

We will, however, take out Iran’s nuclear reactors if we have to.

Obama was like a little Shih Tzu (that annoying small yappy dog) nipping at Romney’s heels.

The low point for Obama was his second attempt at attacking Romney over his investments in a company that does business with China. Huh?

What was strange about this attack is it had nothing to to with the topic under discussion. It just looked small and forced.

Obama had a good zinger prepared about horses and bayonets in the discussion of how we have fewer ships today than in 1916. Even I laughed at that one. Obama’s supporters will love that exchange. But the line also did not come off as Presidential. In fact, Obama looked condescending and nasty while delivering it.

I was hoping Romney would really rip the bark off Obama on Libya.

Why was there no security for the U.S. Consulate in one of the most dangerous regions of the world?

That would have been a simple question for Romney to ask that Obama would have no answer for.

But Romney skipped over Libya. Not sure why. Probably because he wanted the night to be about big themes. What will the future look like under a Romney Presidency?

He wanted to focus on that.

Elections are always about the future?

Yes, Libya is a disaster. Yes, it’s a wonderful illustration of Obama’s incompetence.

But the murder of our Ambassador and three Americans (as grim as that was) is not about the future. And no need to get bogged down in details about why Obama tried to blame this terrorist attack on a video.

Ronald Reagan would not have talked about the video or the inconsistent timeline, or the shifting stories and explanations on Libya from Team Obama.  No need to waste time on whether this is a cover-up by Obama, incompetence, or both.

Reagan would have talked about the big picture, big themes. That’s what Romney did last night.

I disagree with Romney on Egypt. I think we should have stuck with Mubarak. Yes, he was a dictator. But he was an ally of the United States and wasn’t going to attack Israel. Now Egypt is under the control of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. So nothing good will happen there.

It was clear Romney wanted to take the discussion back to the economy whenever he could — always connecting America’s economic strength to America’s role as world leader.

I try to watch these debates as an undecided voter might.

If I were from another planet and had no idea what was going on before watching this debate, I would conclude that Romney must be the President, Obama the challenger.

Romney was acting and sounding like a President, like a Commander-in-Chief — for the most part ignoring Obama.

Obama wanted a mud wrestling match. Obama was desperately trying to bring Romney down to his level, trying to get under Romney’s skin with little chippy attacks on nonsensical small issues (such as Romney’s investments in China).

But Obama’s attacks were like arrows bouncing off the side of an aircraft carrier, having no impact whatsoever.

Romney’s numbers will continue to go up in the aftermath of this debate.

We are now heading toward a true blowout election.

Romney will win this election by 7-10 points. He’ll win all the swing states. He’ll win Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Romney even has a shot at winning New Jersey, Minnesota, and Oregon.

This will be a blowout on the magnitude of Reagan’s landslide win against Jimmy Carter in 1980. And this will carry over to the Senate, with the GOP gaining control, most likely with two or three Senate seats to spare. Even Tod Akin will win

ObamaCare will soon be history.  After the first 30 days of the new Romney Administration, and with solid GOP majorities in both chambers of Congress, it will be as if there never was an Obama Presidency.

Here’s Romney’s New “Apology Tour” Ad . . .

Romney wins CBS News focus group of undecided voters in Ohio

Here’s Romney’s new “Clear Path” ad — his closing statement in the debate . . .

Here was Frank Luntz’s focus group of undecided voters, who saw Romney winning overwhelmingly on the issue that matters most to voters — the economy

Meanwhile, over on MSNBC, Chris Matthews says Romney is winning because of racial hatred . . .

If this is the line of argument Obama’s supporters are reduced to, you know he’s losing.

Why Romney won his second debate with Obama

Mainstream media pundits are giving Obama a narrow debate win.

Their argument is that Obama was feistier and more energetic than he was in his first debate.

Mitt was also plenty energetic. Both the CNN and CBS insta polls of debate watchers both gave Obama a narrow overall win.

CNN had it Obama 46 to Romney 39, with the rest seeing the debate as a draw.

The CBS poll had it Obama 37 to Romney 33, with 37 percent seeing the debate as a draw.

But both these polls also gave Romney an overwhelming victory on the issue that matters to voters: Who will fix this disastrous Obama economy?

In the CBS poll, 65 percent said Mitt Romney won on the issue of the economy compared to 34 percent who said Obama won.

In the CNN poll, Romney beat Obama by 18 point on who has better answers for the economy.

This is devastating for Obama.  This means even some Democrats who watched the debate came away thinking Romney has a better plan than Obama for the economy.

The economy is the issue that matters to voters.  And that’s the issue that will decide this election.

Moreover . . .

In both MSNBC’s and the FOX News/Frank Luntz focus groups of undecided voters, Romney won overwhelmingly. Here’s what Frank Luntz’s focus group had to say:

And here is what MSNBC’s focus group had to say:

Mainstream media pundits were going to award the debate to Obama  no matter what.

Obama was certainly better in terms of energy this debate than what we saw from him in Denver. But his arguments were the same.

And his answer on Libya (supposedly Romney’s weakest moment last night) will come back to bite Obama because what he said there was flatly false.

Debate moderator Candy Crowley was the big loser last night when she intervened to supposedly correct Romney on Libya.

Turns out Romney was right, Crowley was wrong. Her intervention into the exchange between Obama and Romney with her false statement threw Romney off stride a bit for a moment.

Obama told us he had called the Benghazi attack terrorism on day one, when in fact, he had not.

Here are the facts on why Crowley and Obama were wrong and Romney was right on Libya >>>

Obama’s lie on Libya hurt Obama because every minute America is thinking about Libya is another minute Obama is losing voters.

A U.S.  Ambassador and three other Americans were killed in an inexplicably unprotected  U.S. consulate in one of the most dangerous regions of the world by an al Qaeda attack on September 11 — the anniversary of, well, September 11.

This was the third attack on this U.S. consulate in a country dominated by radical, militant Islamists. But Ambassador Stevens’ requests for more security were rejected . . . even though the British and Red Cross had exited Libya because it’s so dangerous and had become overrun by al Qaeda and other Islamic radicals.

Now the Ambassador and three other Americans are dead. Reports are that he was repeatedly sodomized and tortured before he was murdered.  Also inexplicably, we (and the families of the slain) still have no autopsy reports from the Obama Administration.

The well-planned al Qaeda attack featured rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, heavy artillery, and commandos.

Obama blamed the attack on a YouTube video that had 19 views before the Obama Administration started talking about it.

Now he’s compounding his lies by lying about his lies . . . because he wants to promote the myth that he’s defeated al Qaeda.  Apparently not.  Apparently, al Qaeda is as strong, or stronger, than ever.

All this will hurt Obama badly as we speed toward the foreign policy debate on Monday.

The need for leadership and truthfulness should be Romney’s theme in Monday’s debate.

Overall, Romney put in another strong debate performance last night.

Perhaps it was a draw, or Obama a little ahead, on style.  But Romney won overwhelmingly on substance and on what matters to voters — and that’s having actual solutions to America’s economic crisis.

Here’s why . . .

1) Romney hammered Obama relentlessly on his economic record, on the deficit, and on gas prices. Obama had no answers. That’s what voters will remember.

2) Romney explained his tax plan better in this debate than he did in the first debate.

3) Romney went into great detail on how he would dramatically increase oil and coal production to bring energy prices down and make America energy independent.

4) Romney hammered on the theme that he would make America the most attractive country in the world for business — so businesses will build plants and invest here rather than in China and overseas.  He pointed out that even left-leaning Canada dropped its corporate tax rate to 15 percent, compared to a 35 percent top corporate tax rate in the U.S.  – which is why Canada’s economy is now doing so much better than ours.

5) Romney was terrific on how he would crack down on China’s cheating on trade.

6) Romney reminded voters repeatedly about how ObamaCare is killing business, killing the economy, and killing jobs.

7) CNN’s poll of debate watchers had Romney beating Obama 49-46 on who would better handle health care. ObamaCare is Obama’s #1 legislative achievement, but voters don’t like it.

8) Obama never talked about the future or what America will look like after another four years of Obama policies.

In the CNN poll, 49 percent thought Obama spent more time attacking his opponent to 35 percent who thought Romney was the main attacker — which is probably why more debate watchers awarded Obama a few more debating points.

But what voters will remember is that Obama never talked about his plans for a second term. How will his second term be any different from his first term?

Elections are always about the future.  People want to know the President’s plan for making America a better place.  How will life be different four years from now?

Obama did not say.

He just attacked Romney.  That’s what liberals liked about Obama last night.

But that won’t help Obama win over undecided voters, which is what he has to do to win the election.

In the CNN poll, 49 percent of debate watchers saw Romney as the stronger leader compared to 46 percent who saw Obama as the stronger leader.

If you’re the sitting President of the United States and more people see your opponent as the stronger leader, you’re in a heap of political trouble.

People want a real leader as President, not someone who boasts about “leading from behind.”

This is a race for President, not for debate winner.  People want to know: Who has the best plan to take America to a better place? Who has the best plan for the future? . . .because what we’ve been doing for the last four years has so obviously failed.

Romney answered these questions. Obama didn’t.

That’s why Romney this morning is in even a stronger position to win this election than he was before last night’s debate.

By the way, what was Obama’s long discourse on contraception all about?

Does he really think this is the big issue on the minds of voters?

THE DATA IS IN: Biden’s bizarre debate performance gives Romney-Ryan another boost in the polls

Just looking at polling that has been done since the Ryan-Biden debate, it’s now clear that Joe Biden’s bizarre debate performance has contributed to Romney and Ryan widening their lead in the polls.

A new national poll by the leftist Daily Kos and Public Policy Polling now shows Romney leading Obama by four points nationally.

A Gallup/USA TODAY poll of the swing states has Romney-Ryan leading by five points.

Gallup’s daily tracking poll (different than the Gallup/USA Today poll) now has Romney’s lead ballooning to a seemingly insurmountable 4 points. This is Romney’s biggest lead ever in that poll.

Scott Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll has Romney-Ryan leading by two — up one point from before Biden’s disastrous debate performance, where Biden spent the entire debate laughing uncontrollably, smirking, making faces, and non-stop interrupting of both Ryan and the moderator.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls now has Obama’s reelect number at 47.0.

It’s almost impossible for a sitting President to crawl his way back to 50 percent from there. And Gallup now puts his reelect number at an even more dismal 46 percent.

Remember, undecideds always break 75-80 percent against the incumbent in close elections in the close days.

Democrats are now in full panic mode. To see this, just turn on MSNBC for about a minute.

Biden’s debate performance was so bizarre, so disturbing and unsettling to viewers that the esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow believes Biden is showing signs of dementia.

See Dr. Ablow’s interview below:

Dr. Ablow believes Biden showed signs of dementia during his debate with Ryan, citing Biden’s maniacal uncontrolled laughter throughout the debate, even during times when possible nuclear war with Iran was the topic of discussion.

Biden thought that was just hilarious.

At a minimum, Ablow says, President Obama should order a CAT scan and complete neurological exam for Biden.

Dr. Ablow has impeccable qualifications to make this assessment.

He graduated from Brown University in 1983, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor of Science degree in neurosciences. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1987, and completed his psychiatry residency at the Tufts-New England Medical Center.

So he knows what he’s talking about.

In case you missed Biden’s eyebrow-raising display, here are some clips . . .

Anyone who saw Biden’s debate performance must shudder to think this man is one heartbeat from being President.

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