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Watch Father Shoot Daughter’s Computer For Disrespectful Facebook Post

I sympathize with this dad.  The kid sounds like she’s out of control. The bullets in the laptop sure are funny.

But he probably should have taken a more measured judicial approach — not let the brat get under his skin so much. He, after all, is supposed to be the parent here.

Public discipline is also not the best approach. It’s actually worse for the kid if it’s private.

The more effective tactic would have been to not get visibly angry, certainly don’t use profanity, don’t get down on the brat’s level;  but instead give away the laptop to a poor kid . . . or store the computer in a safe. No more Internet (except for school work in plain view at the kitchen table) until she’s 18. Grounding is also certainly in order.

Then relax the sanctions a bit if the kid starts to exhibit better behavior and revamped attitude — kind of like a parole situation. Assess the kid’s progress every 60 days or so. Then relax or tighten sanctions accordingly.  She should have to earn back her freedoms and privileges.

Conduct lots of family outings — hikes, field trips, canoe trips, camping, road trips — and require her to go on all of them to reconnect with the family. Drive with the family to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, Glacier National Park  – kinda like in those Chevy Chase Vacation movies. When on these outings and trips, pretend nothing wrong has ever occurred. Just have a good time.

She’ll hate it at first, but will end up liking the trips. Watch the movie RV for guidance.

There are some possible legal problems this dad might face.

Child Protective Services might jump into the act.  Or some opportunistic lawyer (like Gloria Allred) might see a publicity opportunity here, sign this kid as a client, and try to make an example of the Dad for causing psychological trauma . . . or some such bunk. He probably violated some United Nations Charter on the Rights of the Child, or something.

So this could easily spiral out into Political Correctness La La Land.

If this happens, the brat wins. There are better, more effective ways to deal with spoiled 15-year-olds.

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