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Gay Marriage now the Law of New York State

America on the brink of being over

REUTERS: Governor Andrew Cuomo made same-sex marriages legal in New York on Friday, a key victory for gay rights ahead of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections.
New York will become the sixth and most populous U.S. state to allow gay marriage. State senators voted 33-29 on Friday evening to approve marriage equality legislation and Cuomo, a Democrat who had introduced the measure, signed it into law.

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Obama’s Navy authorizes chaplains to perform same-sex gay marriage ceremonies in Navy chapels

The total debasement of everything decent continues under Obama.

CNS NEWS: Anticipating the elimination of the military ban on homosexuality, the Office of the Chief of Navy Chaplains has decided that same-sex couples in the Navy will be able to get married in Navy chapels, and that Navy chaplains will be allowed to perform the ceremonies — if homosexual marriage is legal in the state where the unions are to be performed.

The advisory came in the form of an April 13 memo issued to all chaplains, in which the Chief of Navy Chaplains, Admiral Michael Tidd, said the Chaplain Corps was revising its Tier I training manuals, which had previously indicated that same-sex marriages are not authorized on federal property.

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On that note, here’s “In the Navy” by the Village People . . .

Gingrich says Obama’s refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act is an Impeachable offense

NEWSMAX: In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV Friday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said President Barack Obama’s decision not to fully enforce the Defense of Marriage law eventually could lead to a constitutional crisis, as he has directly violated his constitutional duties by arbitrarily suspending a law.

Gingrich even suggested that, if a “President Sarah Palin” had taken a similar action, there would have been immediate calls for her impeachment. Asked directly whether President Obama could be subject to articles of impeachment, Gingrich said, “I think that’s something you get to much later. But I think clearly it is a dereliction of duty. Clearly it’s a violation of his constitutional oath. Clearly it is not something that can be allowed to stand.”

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The Unreported: Where “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Actually Came From

LONE EAGLE: The Democrat Party have often said they are the party “For the People.”  They want everything to be equal.  They want everyone to be on the same, level playing field.  They want there to be no upper, middle, or lower class.

One of their most recently “victories” was with the Repeal of the 1993 policy “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT).  Now let us look at where DADT actually came from and what many Democrat supporters may not know.

DADT was a part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1994.  If my understanding is correct this was the bill that would fund the United States Armed Forces for the next year (1994).  During this time the Democrat Party control the White House and both Chambers of Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives). Section 574 of this bill is what established DADT.

The defense bill was introduced in the House on June 1993.  It was voted by the entire House on 29 September, passing with a vote of 268 – 162.  Here was the break down of that vote:

  • YEAS: Democrat-230, Republican-38
  • NAYS: Democrat-38, Republican-136, Independent-1
  • NV*: Democrat-2, Republican-1

Total YEAS: 268
Total NAYS:175
Total NV: 3

So, the first victory for DADT was primarily moved forward by the Democrats.

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Charles is the self-proclaimed Lone Eagle. He is a Criminal Justice major at Utah Valley University, political activist, an author, husband, and loving father.  His website is the Lone Eagle Observer (

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