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Gay marriage is likely to cap out at 0.5 percent of all marriages. Is this really a three-alarm fire for traditional marriage?

The Census Bureau estimates there are now about 230,000 married gay couples in the United States, compared to 60,000,000 traditional marriages between a man and a woman.

This means 0.38 percent of married couples are gay marriages, or about 1 in 300.

The Census Bureau also tells us gay couples (married and unmarried) make up about 700,000 households. So about a third of gay couples who share a house together are marrying each other.

But even if all 700,000 gay couples eventually end up marrying (highly unlikely), this would only amount to about one percent of married couples.

Most likely, gay marriages will cap out at about 0.5 percent of all marriages, might go as high as 0.7 percent.

This is hardly a three-alarm fire if you’re a traditionalist who believes a marriage can only be between a man and a woman.

It might be different if gay marriage was a trend that was likely to really catch on, like the hula hoop craze in the 1950s  – with everyone doing it.

If everyone were to abandon traditional marriage for gay marriage, we would have a population replacement problem, as people would stop having babies.

But that’s not going to happen.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, less than 3 percent of Americans identify themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

I would be interested to know what share of this 3 percent is bisexual. They all seem to be lumped together in these survey reports. It would seem to me bisexuals are more likely to marry a member of the opposite gender because most people want children.

So there’s a built in ceiling on how many gay marriages there can be.  And it’s a very low ceiling.

Some argue that this becomes a slippery slope: “If gay marriage is allowed, what’s next? Allowing people to marry their pet? Allowing people to marry their car?”

But how many people will really want to do this?

Sure, there will be eccentrics.

But what if we all just shrugged our shoulders and said: “So what? You do your thing. We’ll do ours.”

This entire controversy over gay marriage seems to me much ado about very little.

The problem, of course, is that the liberal-left wants to force traditionalist-minded Christian photographers and bakers (under threat of fines and imprisonment) to participate in gay weddings.

This violates First Amendment protections for religious freedom and freedom of association.

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