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MITTMENTUM: Romney gets poll bounce in Ohio after final debate

It’s now all tied up in the Buckeye state 48-48, proving definitively that Romney-Ryan won all four debates.

A new Rasmussen poll taken after the final debate, shows Mitt Romney and Barack Obama tied in Ohio with 48 percent apiece.

Before the debate, Rasmussen had Obama up by one.

So the bounce isn’t much, but Mittmentum continues, proving that the Romney-Ryan ticket won all four debates. Even if there had been no movement either way in the polls, the final debate would be a victory for Mitt because his task was just to keep Mittmendum going, not to have a reversal of Mittmentum.

Romney-Ryan has received a bounce (often substantial) after every debate, even though the mainstream media awarded three of the four debates to Obama-Biden.

Today’s Rasmussen national tracking poll shows Romney leading Obama 50-46 — no change from yesterday.  But today’s three-day tracking poll includes one day of polling after the final debate. So no gain for Obama from the final debate.

For Romney now to be at 50 percent or higher nationally in both the Gallup and Rasmussen polls is devastating to Obama.

What it all means . . .

Obama’s reelect number has been stuck at 47 percent for months.

Scott Rasmussen, Gallup, and Suffolk University Political Research are the only three polls I trust. The media-sponsored polls have proven themselves to be worthless.

Rasmussen, Gallup, and Suffolk Research try to get it right. The other polls are mostly political propaganda for the Left, or just aren’t accurate.

Undecided voters almost always break 70 percent against the incumbent in Presidential races.  So for Obama to be at 48 percent in the Buckeye state is disastrous for his chances.

If Romney wins Ohio, he will just about certainly win the election. If he loses Ohio, he can still win, but the math becomes more complicated.

Why I continue to predict a blowout election for Romney . . .

I have been predicting a blowout election in favor of Romney for months.  Before the first debate, I was projecting Romney winning by 4.  Since the first debate, I have been projecting Romney winning by at least 7.


Because Obama’s reelect number has been stuck at 47 for months. Remember, 70 percent of undecided voters break in the final days against the incumbent President.

So that’s a 4-6 point Romney victory right there assuming both sides turnout in equal intensity.

But that won’t happen.  Obama’s voters are not enthusiastic about Obama, while the anti-Obama vote is at a fevered pitch.

The intensity of the anti-Obama vote will swamp Obama in the final days and add at least three percent to Romney’s margin of victory over what Gallup and Rasmussen are showing now.

It’s simple math.

And think about this.

Scott Walker outperformed what the polls were saying in the June recall election in Wisconsin by four points.  If there is a Wisconsin-sized polling error at work now nationally (which I believe there is) you’ll see Romney win by 10 or more.

The Wisconsin recall election (in a heavily blue state) is the best poll and best indication of what’s likely to happen on November 6th.

It’s been my belief that there is a hidden anti-Obama vote out there simmering beneath the surface that even the best pollsters are not picking up.  Look at what happened in the 2010 mid-term elections.

Has the economy improved since 2010?  Has the situation in the Middle East improved since then?  Is America more positive about ObamaCare since then? Is gasoline any cheaper?  Is the deficit going down?  Does America think we are not spending enough on government programs?  Do Americans now see Obama’s stimulus and all this deficit spending as a success?  Is America looking forward to Taxmageddon kicking in on January 1?

The answer on all these questions is no.

So why will we see a different result on November 6th than we saw in 2010?

THE DATA IS IN: Biden’s bizarre debate performance gives Romney-Ryan another boost in the polls

Just looking at polling that has been done since the Ryan-Biden debate, it’s now clear that Joe Biden’s bizarre debate performance has contributed to Romney and Ryan widening their lead in the polls.

A new national poll by the leftist Daily Kos and Public Policy Polling now shows Romney leading Obama by four points nationally.

A Gallup/USA TODAY poll of the swing states has Romney-Ryan leading by five points.

Gallup’s daily tracking poll (different than the Gallup/USA Today poll) now has Romney’s lead ballooning to a seemingly insurmountable 4 points. This is Romney’s biggest lead ever in that poll.

Scott Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll has Romney-Ryan leading by two — up one point from before Biden’s disastrous debate performance, where Biden spent the entire debate laughing uncontrollably, smirking, making faces, and non-stop interrupting of both Ryan and the moderator.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls now has Obama’s reelect number at 47.0.

It’s almost impossible for a sitting President to crawl his way back to 50 percent from there. And Gallup now puts his reelect number at an even more dismal 46 percent.

Remember, undecideds always break 75-80 percent against the incumbent in close elections in the close days.

Democrats are now in full panic mode. To see this, just turn on MSNBC for about a minute.

Biden’s debate performance was so bizarre, so disturbing and unsettling to viewers that the esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow believes Biden is showing signs of dementia.

See Dr. Ablow’s interview below:

Dr. Ablow believes Biden showed signs of dementia during his debate with Ryan, citing Biden’s maniacal uncontrolled laughter throughout the debate, even during times when possible nuclear war with Iran was the topic of discussion.

Biden thought that was just hilarious.

At a minimum, Ablow says, President Obama should order a CAT scan and complete neurological exam for Biden.

Dr. Ablow has impeccable qualifications to make this assessment.

He graduated from Brown University in 1983, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor of Science degree in neurosciences. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1987, and completed his psychiatry residency at the Tufts-New England Medical Center.

So he knows what he’s talking about.

In case you missed Biden’s eyebrow-raising display, here are some clips . . .

Anyone who saw Biden’s debate performance must shudder to think this man is one heartbeat from being President.

Dr. Keith Ablow says Biden exhibited signs of dementia during the debate with his non-stop maniacal laughing, face-making, and interrupting

Dr. Keith Ablow believes Joe Biden showed signs of dementia during his debate with Paul Ryan, citing Biden’s maniacal uncontrolled laughter throughout the debate, even during times when possible nuclear war with Iran was the topic of discussion.

Biden thought that was just hilarious.

At a minimum, Ablow says, President Obama should order a CAT scan and complete neurological exam for Biden.

Dr. Ablow has impeccable qualifications to make this assessment.

He graduated from Brown University in 1983, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor of Science degree in neurosciences. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1987, and completed his psychiatry residency at the Tufts-New England Medical Center.

So he knows what he’s talking about.

Ryan crushes guffawing, snickering, sneering Biden in three post-debate polls

The guffawing, laughing, grimacing, interrupting, rude Joe Biden went over like a lead balloon with the audience in his debate last night with Paul Ryan.
48 percent said Ryan won the debate. 44 thought Biden won.
63 percent thought Ryan won. Just 31 percent thought Biden won.
56 percent thought Ryan won. 36% thought Biden won.

So this is now the second disastrous debate performance by Team Obama. Tuesday
night they go for the Trifecta when Barack Obama and Mitt Romney square off again.

Here’s a great video the RNC put out on Biden’s incessant laughing, snickering and sneering . . .

This Biden character certainly is a rude, classless buffoon.

This is how people act when they are out of ideas and have no answers.

He, frankly, came off last night as deeply mentally disturbed.

For some reason, Biden thinks it’s funny that Iran is four years closer to having nuclear bombs.

Biden thinks it’s hilarious that we have 23 million Americans struggling to find work.

Biden just can’t contain his laughter over the fact that the median household in America earns $5,000 less per year than in January of 2009.

Biden thinks it’s a hoot that we now have 40 percent more Americans on Food Stamps than we had on Obama’s first day in office.

Biden thinks it’s a scream that one in six Americans are now in poverty.

Biden is in stitches over the fact that the price of a gallon of gasoline has more than doubled under his watch.

And he’s having a rollicking good time over the fact that a U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans were murdered by terrorists in Libya because the Obama White House rejected the U.S. Ambassador’s desperate pleas for more security.

Is Biden some kind of sadist?

This is how sociopaths behave — laughing non-stop at the human misery he’s helping to cause all across America.

Or it’s possible Biden is entering the early stages of Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia — which would also explain his bizarre, inappropriate behavior.

What America witnessed last night was a seriously mentally ill person — who just happens to be Vice President of the United States.

President Obama needs to get to the bottom of what’s wrong with his Vice President.

Obama should order a complete neurological exam for Biden.



I’m concerned about Joe Biden’s mental health. Obama should insist on a complete neurological exam.

While some pundits are brushing off Joe Biden’s many nonsensical statements as just “Joe just being Joe,”  I, for one, am very concerned about Joe Biden’s mental health.

President Obama should insist on a thorough neurological exam for Joe Biden before placing him into nomination for a second term as Vice President.

Is Biden suffering from Alzheimers or some form of dementria?

A comprehensive neurological exam will give us the answer.

Biden raised eyebrows most recently when he insisted in a speech to a predominantly black audience that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are “gonna put y’all back in chains.”

But this is just the latest in an endless catalogue of bizarre statements by Joe Biden, who often doesn’t seem to know where he is or even what century he’s living in. Much of the time, he appears to be confused, addled.

How long has he had dementia? How serious is it? Is his mental state due to age, stress of the job, or something else? Can he regain his mental faculties with some time off?

A neurological exam by a team of experts at the Mayo Clinic will give us the answer.

The doctors will ask Joe such questions as “What day is it? How old are you? Where do you live? What are the names of your children?”

Biden will receive a CAT Scan where we will learn if he’s suffered brain damage — perhaps as the result of age, disease, excessive prescription drug use, or some kind of accident we don’t know about.

In many states, senior citizens are required to get retested to keep their driver’s license.  This is a man who is one heartbeat away from being President of the United States. The American people deserve to know if he’s fit to serve as Vice President, much less President.

One or two crazy statements here and there would not be so alarming. But Biden is now saying crazy things every time he speaks, every time he opens his mouth.  I actually listened to Biden’s entire “y’all in chains” speech, and very little of it made any sense at all.  While listening to Biden, I felt like the Jack Nicholson character (Randle McMurphy) in “One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

It should be clear to anyone who listens to Biden speak for two minutes that  he is not all there,  not compos mentis. It’s not that he’s making statements I disagree with. It’s that his speeches make no sense whatsoever. I strongly disagree with what Barack Obama is saying most of the time. But at least his speeches make sense. When Obama speaks, it’s at least clear what he’s talking about.

Not so with Biden.

Biden’s speeches don’t seem to be about anything. They’re basically just random, disjointed musings — mostly gibberish.

He’s like the Chauncey Gardiner character in “Being There.”

That was a very funny movie.  Peter Sellers was terrific as the bumbling, moronic Chauncey Gardiner. But this is real life. This is no laughing matter.

Here’s a partial list of some of Biden’s bizarro statements:

“This is a big fucking deal!” — Joe Biden, caught on an open mic congratulating President Barack Obama during the health care signing ceremony, Washington, D.C., March 23, 2010

“Folks, where’s it written we cannot lead the world in the 20th Century in making automobiles?” — Blacksburg, VA, August 15, 2012. Video clip.

{It’s the 21st Century}

“His mom lived in Long Island for ten years or so. God rest her soul. And- although, she’s- wait- your mom’s still- your mom’s still alive. Your dad passed. God bless her soul.” –Joe Biden, on the mother of Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen, who is very much alive, Washington, D.C., March 17, 2010

{What? Huh?}

“I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places now. … When one person sneezes it goes all the way through the aircraft. That’s me. I would not be, at this point, if they had another way of transportation, suggesting they ride the subway.” –Joe Biden, providing handy tips to protect against the swine flu and freaking us out, “Today Show” interview, April 30, 2009

{The struggling airline industry just loved this comment}

“You know, I’m embarrassed. Do you know the Web site number? I should have it in front of me and I don’t. I’m actually embarrassed.” –Joe Biden, speaking to an aide standing out of view during an interview on CBS’ “Early Show,” in the midst of encouraging viewers to visit a government-run Web site that tracks stimulus spending, Feb. 25, 2009

{He must have meant URL or “Web address”}

“If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30% chance we’re going to get it wrong.” –Joe Biden, speaking to members of the House Democratic caucus who were gathered in Williamsburg, Va., for their annual retreat, Feb. 6, 2009

{That’s a confidence builder}

“Jill and I had the great honor of standing on that stage, looking across at one of the great justices, Justice Stewart.” –Joe Biden, mistakenly referring to Justice John Paul Stevens, who swore him in as vice president, Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2009 (Watch video clip)

{Justice Potter Stewart died in 1985}

“Look, John’s last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number-one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs.” –Joe Biden, Athens, Ohio, Oct. 15, 2008 (Source)

{He must not have wanted to say JOBS is a four-letter word}

“When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.” –Sept. 22, 2008 (Watch video clip)

{FDR was not President in 1929 and no one had a TV then}

“Stand up, Chuck, let ‘em see ya.” –-Joe Biden, to Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham, who is in a wheelchair, Columbia, Missouri, Sept. 12, 2008 (Watch video clip)

{It was tough for Chuck to stand up}

“Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. Quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me.” –Joe Biden, speaking at a town hall meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire, Sept. 10, 2008 (Source)

{Biden stumbles into the truth on this one}

“A man I’m proud to call my friend. A man who will be the next President of the United States — Barack America!” — Joe Biden, at his first campaign rally with Barack Obama after being announced as his running mate, Springfield, Ill., Aug. 23, 2008 (Watch video clip)

{Better than calling him Osama bin Laden}

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” –Joe Biden, referring to Barack Obama at the beginning of the 2008 Democratic primary campaign, Jan. 31, 2007 (Source)

{Imagine what would happen if Paul Ryan said something this racist}

“You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent…. I’m not joking.” –Joe Biden, in a private remark to an Indian-American man caught on C-SPAN, June, 2006 (Watch video clip)

{Or if Paul Ryan said something this racist}

The Bottom Line . . .

There are some, like Rudy Giuliani, who say Biden is just not very bright, that’s he’s a stupid man. As part of the treasure trove of evidence to support this thesis, they cite the fact that Biden was caught plagiarizing twice – once in law school and then again when he plagiarized a speech by British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock (while running for President in 1988).

So there’s a strong case to be made that Joe Biden is a very stupid man.

That might be true . . . also.

But stupid people at least make sense when they speak. When a two-year old or a retarded person says “I want a cookie,” that makes sense. We understand what’s being said.

When Biden speaks, we have no idea what he’s babbling about. His speeches are the ravings of a mad man.

It’s clear this man is trapped in some kind of disconnected “Alice in Wonderland”-type dream world. He’s off in LaLa Land somewhere. America deserves to know the full extent of Joe Biden’s dementia.

New American Crossroads Ad on Joe Biden

Obama cuts vacation short by 7 hours to appear to manage hurricane crisis that wasn’t much of a crisis

Dopey Joe Biden sneaks in one last round of golf before his home state of Delaware is hit by Irene

FOX NEWS: Delaware was pounded by Hurricane Irene on Saturday night, but Vice President Biden got in one last round of golf in his home state before the heavy stuff started coming down, Fox News has learned.

Biden played golf at a Wilmington-area course on Saturday morning, according to two sources familiar with his schedule.
Asked directly whether Biden played golf on Saturday, Biden’s office would not comment to Fox News.

Biden’s official schedule released Friday showed him spending down time at home in Wilmington after a 10-day official trip to Asia.

Read more here >>>

Joe Biden (AKA ‘Stupidest Man on Planet’) says he ‘fully understands’ China’s one child policy

REMINDER: China’s one child policy is enforced by way of forced abortions, infanticide and compulsory sterilization. Joe’s cool with all that.


Obama flubs confrontation with Tea Party activist. Looks like a fool, again.

Denies Biden called Tea Partiers “terrorists.”

Obama, increasingly, just does not seem to have a grip on reality.

Bill Press says Joe Biden is right: Republicans really are ‘terrorists’



You see what this is again? These guys are terrorists! You know, Joe Biden, they say he’s getting in a little bit of trouble because he called them terrorists, but that’s exactly what they are.

They’ve taken us hostage again and they’re demanding 100% their ransom. And unless they get 100%, they’re holding a gun to our head. What do you call people who put a gun to your head and say, “Unless you pay me whatever, I’m going to kill you or kill this program.” You know what they call them? Terrorists! Exactly what they are over this FAA.”

So what ever happened to the era of civility in the wake of the Gabby Giffords shooting (that had nothing to do with politics)?

Bill Press is saying that the Republicans are terrorists because hitting the debt ceiling would mean President Obama would have to cut funding for the Federal Aviation Administration and send air traffic controllers home. Obama continues to say he might have to do that anyway.

But hold on a second.

$250 billion comes into the federal treasury every month — even if we had not raised the debt ceiling.

There’s no reason Obama would have to send the air traffic controllers home.

How about shut down the departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, Labor, HUD, large chunks of HHS?

Surely we could do without that tunnel for turtles that was build in Florida with Obama’s stimulus to help turtles pass safely under the highway. How are the turtles going to find that tunnel anyway?

This is the standard liberal playbook whenever there are government budget cuts.

They love to cut the services that people actually want.

The first items to go are always trash collection, fire fighters, police, snow removal — stuff we’ll actually miss.

It’s not Republicans who do this. It’s Democrats.

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