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Really Creepy Planned Parenthood Video

Planned Parenthood introduces their “Super Hero for Choice” – Dionysus

In one really cute scene, Dionysus drowns a man wearing puritan hat in a garbage can full of water. Why? Well, because he puritanically told kids about the abstinence option. In another scene, pro-life demonstrators are portrayed as evil zombies. But Dionysus comes to the rescue and shoots them dead with a giant condom gun. Just hilarious. In another awesome scene, Dionysus boils a pro-life Senator in water for a while, but he doesn’t die. Instead, he emerges from the pot as pro-choice.

Seriously, how warped are these people to come up with this kind of propaganda for kids? — no doubt paid for with taxpayer money.

Watch spunky Iowan throw Occupy protesters out of her coffee shop

And here’s what these dopey Occupy protesters had to say on the street after they were thrown out of her coffee shop.

HATE-WATCH: Jimmy Fallon plays the song “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” as intro to Michele Bachmann on his show

Glenn Beck Comments . . .

For your disaaproval, here was the song . . .

Obama kisses Hugo Chavez in new Benetton ad

This is a commentary on Benetton, not Obama. Benetton is just a sicko company and should be boycotted by every decent person.

Why isn’t it illegal to use Photoshop to distort photos in order to present people in a false and damaging light? Isn’t that fraud?

WASHINGTON POST: The Benetton has dropped the image of the Pope kissing an Imam from the campaign after complaints.

Benetton returns to its controversial marketing roots with a new campaign that features President Obama and other world leaders engaging in a kiss. In two separate ads, Obama is seen kissing Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and Chinese President Hu Jintao.

The Unhate Foundation, founded by the Italian clothing company, is an advocacy group for tolerance. The controversial ad campaign is an attempt for Benetton to regain its status from the “United Colors” ads that regularly shocked viewers with subjects that had nothing to do with clothing: A priest kissing a nun, a man dying of AIDS, a just-born baby with umbilical cord still attached, a trio of real human hearts.

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VIDEO: Watch Gloria Allred make obscene gestures in front of children

Herman Cain is not accused of doing anything approaching this offensive display by Allred

Sports Show with Norm Macdonald Tuesdays, 10:30/9:30c
Wait What? – Gloria Allred Press Conference Antics
Sports Show Norm Macdonald #SportsShow

Gloria Allred is holding a press conference to complain about something she says Herman Cain did. But should she not have been arrested long ago for acting like this in front of children?

Watch South Park Mock Occupy Wall Street and Michael Moore

Howard Stern comes up with more idiocy at Occupy Wall Street. It’s an endless supply of stupidity.

One guy says black Americans deserve “respirations.” Another is upset because people often make more money if they have better educations. Others make more money because they’ve taken the time to learn certain skills that are needed. Meanwhile, others do well in life because they make things that people want to buy. Most make a living simply by showing up to work on time and doing a decent job.

Imagine that.

The injustice of it all!

POLL: Just 48% of Occupy Wall Street protesters would vote to reelect Obama

WALL STREET JOURNAL: To judge by its most famous slogan, Occupy Wall Street sees itself as a movement made up of those in the bottom 99% of the income distribution. But what are the actual demographics of the committed protesters inside New York’s Zuccotti Park, the movement’s birthplace and most visible manifestation?

Douglas Schoen, a veteran Democratic Party pollster who has also worked for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, sent a researcher from his polling firm down to Zuccotti Park last week to conduct what appears to be the very first professional survey of the protesters in New York. The face-to-face interviews with 198 people informed an essay by Schoen in The Journal’s opinion pages.

Putting aside Schoen’s analysis — the subhead on his piece pegs the protesters as “leftists out of step with most American voters,” if you’re curious — let’s focus instead on the raw data, which he was kind enough to publish on his personal website. The findings are quite surprising.

The protesters as a group are young, but Zuccotti Park is not nearly the youth-only movement depicted in the media. While 49% of protesters are under 30, more than 28% are 40 or older. Only one-third of the crowd considers themselves Democrats — nearly the same portion who say they don’t identify with any party. (Zero respondents labeled themselves Republican.)

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VIDEO: Howard Stern’s hilarious investigation into what the Occupy Wall Street protests are about

STRANGE VIDEO: Occupy Protest Movement Gets Even Weirder . . . Somehow

Here’s a sampling of what’s happening with the Occupy Philadelphia protests.

I was unable to discern any policy prescription from this. What is she asking America’s political leadership to do here?

She does seem kind of sweet — though she might need therapy of some kind. This looks like a relatively peaceful (though bored) group. If I were there, I’d give her a hug and tell her that everything will be okay if we just get rid of Obama.

This movement would do a lot better if (instead of this), it featured Bob Dylan or Joan Baez — some good music.

Here’s Bob Dylan in 1963

Much better, don’t you think?

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