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Son and Successor to Kim Jong Il Looks Soft, Dopey, Unimpressive

Hard to imagine this dough-boy will last. Watch for some ambitious General to take his head off.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: North Korea’s heir apparent Kim Jong Un has swiftly risen to power since being made a four-star general a year ago, but he is even more of an enigma than his late father was during 17 years of absolute power.

Within hours of news breaking Monday of leader Kim Jong Il’s death over the weekend, the North’s official Korean Central News Agency was reporting that the country, people and

military “must faithfully revere respectable comrade Kim Jong Un.”

The agency also referred to Jong Un as a “great successor” of the North’s guiding philosophy of self reliance and a “distinguished leader of the military and people.”

So far, Jong Un, Kim Jong Il’s third son, has a thin leadership record — much less than the 20 years Kim Jong Il spent being groomed for power before he took over in 1994.

Despite a vigorous political campaign to install Jong Un as the new leader in the people’s minds, he remains an enigma, even to those at home. It is unclear what direction he will take the nation of 24 million people, how much power will fall to the military and officials surrounding him, and what China’s role will be with its ally.

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