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Stephen Colbert’s and Jimmy Fallon’s rendition of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ song

Rebecca Black (age 13) has struck a chord with her song about ‘Friday’.

As of today, her song has had more than 80,000,000 views on YouTube since the video was posted a few weeks ago. That’s 80 MILLION views!

Here Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon try to take advantage of the viral Web tail wind that has propelled Rebecca Black to such stratospheric heights with their own rendition of ‘Friday’. I’m really not much of a Colbert fan, but this is funny and he does a surprisingly good job:

In case you somehow missed it, here’s the original Rebecca Black video that’s caused such a fracas . . .

The ‘Friday’ song reached a peak rank #17 on iTunes. As of this writing, it ranks #31 on iTunes.

Here’s how Bob Dylan would sing the ‘Friday’ song . . .

Dylan parody by Mike Bauer.

For some reason ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ decided to attack this 13-year-old middle schooler by asking her: Why do people hate your song so much?

Here’s Rebecca Black on Jay Leno

I’ve become a big fan of Rebecca Black.

I don’t think many 13-year-olds are “partying, partying, partying, yeah!” — but it’s just a song.  It doesn’t have to make sense.  I also knew that Sunday comes after Saturday, but there are lots of hit songs out there with dumber lyrics than this.

It’s a song, not an essay.

I don’t care what the haters and mockers say. I  like the song.

It’s catchy and gets into your brain.

Looks like Rebecca Black’s laughing all the way to the bank.  Forbes magazine reports that she stands to make more than $1,000,000 from the ‘Friday’ song.

She’s sure done something right, as the likes of Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallow desperately try to ride in her wake to get some of her spinoff publicity.

How much did they spend on this elaborate production of her song — no doubt designed to maximize their own views on YouTube, and hoping their version will catch some of the viral Web tailwind she has?

Rebecca Black says she plans to donate all her profits to the tsunami victims in Japan and to her school.

What a great kid!

Personally, I hope she keeps most of the money.  She’ll need it for college. Donating some of it is fine and good.

Rebecca Black (age 13) stands to make $1,000,000+ from ‘Friday’ song

It sure is good to be the world’s most mocked video. Surpasses Lady Gaga on You Tube.

So the joke’s on the mockers.

FORBES: Rebecca Black has a hit song. The 13-year-old singer’s video for her song “Friday,” which has quickly become the fascination of the Internet, is a smashing success despite the fact that it owes its meteoric rise to, well, mediocrity. Put more bluntly, the video has become the laughingstock of millions, who have latched on to its simplistic lyrics and low-price polish to push it into the public consciousness. Despite the movement’s dubious beginnings, though, Black may be the one laughing now.

The “Friday” video — which was uploaded to YouTube on February 10th — didn’t get much traction until early last week, when it suddenly caught a web tailwind. Black’s name trended on twitter and the video spiraled to go viral. It now has over 30 million views. For those of you who haven’t seen the video, which debates morning routines, car seat selection and the days of the week, while celebrating the weekend, check it out below . . .

Read more here >>>

I’ve become a big fan of Rebecca Black


And here’s what “Friday” would sound like if Bob Dylan sang it

Dylan parody by Mike Bauer.

ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ decides to pile on this 13-year-old middle schooler by asking her: Why do people hate your song so much?

Here’s Rebecca Black on Jay Leno

She says she’s going to donate her profits to Japan and her school.

What a great kid!

But she really should keep some to help pay for college. You never know if something like this will happen again for her.

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