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For Romney to win, he needs to study what Reagan did in 1980, and just do that

Reagan’s 1980 Convention Speech . . .

Reagan’s debate performance against Carter . . .

What stands out is how much tougher Reagan was against Carter than Romney is against Obama. Team Romney should study the 1980 Reagan campaign, and just do that.

The Romney campaign has no theme.  We still have almost no idea what Mitt Romney will actually do as President. There’s no reason for Team Romney to reinvent the wheel. Time for Romney simply to study the campaign of a winner.

Almost all the arguments Reagan made against Carter apply today to the Obama regime, only more so.


Ronald Reagan debates William F. Buckley on Panama Canal

Some have accused Reagan of not having a sophisticated intellect.

If you believe that, watch his debate in 1979 against the brilliant William F. Buckley on whether the U.S. should turn over the Panama Canal to Panama.

For those who think Reagan was some kind of amiable dunce, consider this. Not only did he win this debate going away with one of the epic debaters the world has ever seen in William F. Buckley, he also performed successfully in six different careers: radio sportscaster, movie actor, trade union president, corporate spokesman, two-term governor and two-term president of the United States. He won the cold war against the Soviet Empire and pushed a tax-cut and economic program through the Democrat-controlled House that created 20 million jobs and produced the longest continuous economic expansion in U.S. history.

Happy 100th Birthday Ronald Reagan!

Ronald Reagan’s Great 1964 “A Time for Choosing” Speech on Behalf of Barry Goldwater

Ronald Reagan Shows Us How to Handle a Hostile Press

Ronald Reagan’s Amazing Speech at Normandy

Ronald Reagan’s Historic “Tear Down This Wall” Speech

Ronald Reagan Warns Against Socialized Medicine in 1961

Some accused Reagan of not having a sophisticated intellect.

Here he debates the brilliant William F. Buckley on whether the U.S. should give the Panama Canal to Panama.

In my view, Reagan mopped the floor with Buckley.

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!

Obama channeling Reagan? Hardly!

WASHINGTON TIMES EDITORIAL: One of the least credible tales to come out of President Obama’s recent ideological makeover is the story that he is modeling his presidency on Ronald Reagan’s. Time Magazine asserted this week that “there is no mistaking Obama‘s increasing reliance on [Mr. Reagan’s] career as a helpful template for his own.” Just to keep this preposterous public relations ploy in perspective, we have compiled a handy list to remind people how little these two men have in common:

Reagan: Fostered national pride in the military.

Obama: Fostered gay pride in the military.

Reagan: We begin bombing in five minutes.

Obama: We begin golfing in five minutes.

Reagan: Made big government a bad word.

Obama: Made big government a bad dream.

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Ronald Reagan’s First State of the Union Address 1/26/82

It will be interesting to compare this with what Obama does tonight. Who looks like a real President to you?

Obama takes book on Reagan with him to Hawaii!

But will he learn anything from the Gipper?

FOX NEWS: The White House says that President Obama plans on spending some of his Hawaiian vacation reading, and among the books on his list is one about President Reagan.

Obama will be digging into Lou Cannon’s biography, “President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime.”

The president has been reading up on books about other presidents in the past few months. Most recently before the midterm elections, he was reading “The Clinton TAPES” by Taylor Branch, among others.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said in a briefing Wednesday that reading will be part of Obama’s vacation plans, “He’ll read a good amount of stuff. He’ll have, obviously, his daily intelligence briefing, as well as probably a novel or two.”

The first family has spend their last few Christmases in Hawaii, renting out a property on Kailua beach. The president arrived late Wednesday night after delaying his trip due to legislative business on Capitol Hill. First lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia arrived last weekend.

The president is expected to be in Hawaii into the New Year.

He’ll also be spending time with friends and family and as an avid golfer, will likely hit a golf course or two.

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Now Obama needs to listen to Reagan’s great speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater in 1964.

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