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To fully absorb what an empty suit Obama is, you just have to watch his NCAA Basketball picks

25,000+ dead in Japan. Quadafy going in for the kill. U.S. economy collapsing. And this is what Obama occupies himself with . . . before jetting off to Rio for vacation.

Instead of leading in tough times, Obama announces his NCAA Basketball picks

Cataclysm in Japan. Quadafy slaughtering thousands. U.S. economy in free-fall, while Obama occupies himself with trivial pursuits.

WHITE HOUSE DOSSIER: The Middle East is afire with rebellion, Japan is imploding from an earthquake, and the battle of the budget is on in the United States, but none of this seems to be deterring President Obama from a heavy schedule of childish distractions.

The newly installed tandem of White House Chief of Staff William Daley and Senior Adviser David Plouffe were supposed to impart a new sense of discipline and purpose to the White House. Instead, they are permitting him to showcase himself as a poorly focused leader who has his priorities backward.

This morning, as Japan’s nuclear crisis enters a potentially catastrophic phase, we are told that Obama is videotaping his NCAA tournament picks and that we’ll be able to tune into ESPN Wednesday to find out who he likes.

Saturday, he made his 61st outing to the golf course as president, and got back to the White House with just enough time for a quick shower before heading out to party with Washington’s elite journalists at the annual Gridiron Dinner.

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