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Chicago Bears Hall of Famer Dan Hampton Declines Obama’s Invitation to White House

Dan Hampton was a great football player. Now I like him even more.

Hampton said no to President Obama’s invitation to come to the White House with the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl team.

Hampton gave three reasons for declining Obama’s invite:

1) He says “I’m not a fan of the guy in the White House.”

Hampton did not elaborate further on what he doesn’t like Obama.

Perhaps he doesn’t like the fact that Obama is destroying the country.  Or maybe it’s Obama’s socialist beliefs Hampton doesn’t like, or Obama’s war on Israel, or Obama’s war on traditional morality.

Or perhaps it’s Obama’s war on America’s Christian heritage (mostly via all of Obama’s appointments of radical anti-Christian, anti-life, pro-gay marriage, ACLU-style judges in the mold of Judge David Hamilton and others).

Hampton might also not have liked Obama’s global “apologize for America” speaking tour.  Perhaps he also doesn’t like how Obama has fouled the White House with an unprecedented level of corruption (Solyndra, etc) and thuggery (Obama’s union goons beating up critics of ObamaCare at Congressional town hall meetings).

It could be any and all of these things Hampton doesn’t like about Obama.

2) Hampton is a family man. The wives and kids were not invited by Obama to the White House.

This makes a lot of sense too.

A trip to Washington, DC would have made a nice family outing — see the monuments, take a dinner cruise on the Potomac, tour some Civil War battle fields, perhaps take a day trip to see Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

But without the wife of the kids, it’s a bit of a hassle. What’s Hampton going to do with his time, sit in a hotel room?

Hampton opted out.

3) Hampton notes that the Bears Super Bowl victory was 25 years ago. “Time to get over it” he says.

So Hampton has clearly moved on with his life.

Winning the Super Bowl was certainly a great achievement. But why celebrate that one now, after all these years?

After all, some team wins the Super Bowl every year. We’ve had 25 Super Bowl winners since then.

Turns out the Chicago Bears did not get the traditional White House visit back then because of the Challenger space shuttle disaster that occurred at that time. So the visit was cancelled.

The Obama White House says the 1985 Bears deserve their visit.

But this still begs the question: Why now? Why 25 years after the fact? Why a quarter century later?

Hampton, no doubt, senses is this is a political stunt by Obama, who needs to win the state of Illinois in 2012.

Hampton, clearly a Republican, does not want to be used by Obama as a political prop for the Obama campaign.

Dan Hampton was the anchor on the the line of arguably the best defense in the history of the NFL, the 1985 Chicago Bears. He is a Hall of Famer. He’s also a great family man and patriot. Way to go Dan!

Here are some highlights of that great 1985 Chicago Bears defense — arguably the greatest NFL defense ever for one season

Here’s a Speech by Dan Hampton

White House email warned of risky Solyndra venture; worried about potential political damage with 2012 coming up

WASHINGTON POST: A White House official fretted privately that the Obama administration could suffer serious political damage if it gave additional taxpayer support to the beleaguered solar-panel company Solyndra, according to newly released e-mails.

The firm had burned through millions of dollars and in January still tottered near collapse. The official wanted the government’s top budget official to warn Obama’s energy secretary about the risk, according to the e-mails.

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White House scrambles to end $9 BILLION in federal loan guarantees to renewable energy companies

This “green jobs” scheme just isn’t working out as planned. Taxpayers hold the bag.

NATIONAL JOURNAL: The Obama administration is in a race against the clock to close by month’s end more than a dozen renewable-energy loan guarantees totaling $9 billion. Of that, just over $3 billion would come directly from the federal government’s coffers.

The administration now has two weeks to finalize the process amid an escalating political battle over a federally backed solar company spiraling into bankruptcy and facing an FBI probe. President Obama once praised the company, California-based Solyndra, as “the true engine of economic growth.”

At a House hearing Wednesday, there was bipartisan concern about risking more taxpayer dollars on renewable energy projects that ultimately fail. While Republicans’ rhetoric was more heated, Democrats agreed it is a critical issue.

“Taxpayers have over $500 million at risk as a result of Solyndra’s bankruptcy,” said House Energy and Commerce ranking member Henry Waxman, D-Calif. “We need to understand what happened and how we can avoid future losses.”

In 2009, Solyndra was the first company to receive a federal clean-energy loan guarantee as part of the stimulus package. The Fremont, Calif.-based maker of solar photovoltaic systems then received photo-op visits from Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Energy Secretary Steven Chu, all touting the job-generating potential of solar and other renewable energy industries. But on Aug. 31, Solyndra shuttered operations, laying off its 1,100 workers while seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Under the Recovery Act that Obama signed into law in February 2009, the Energy Department’s loan guarantee office was given roughly $6 billion to help cover the financing of renewable energy companies applying for loans both with the Treasury Department’s Federal Financing Bank and with private lenders, such as banks. Congress has since peeled away about half of that for other purposes and left the department with just $2.4 billion for the renewable loan guarantee program.

That $2.4 billion allocated to the Energy Department pays for each renewable energy project’s “credit subsidy,” a fee worth usually around 10 percent of a loan and which helps defray costs if the loan fails. The Energy Department doesn’t disclose the credit subsidy rate of loans the government guarantees, so it’s unclear how much of that $2.4 billion remains.

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STUNNING CLAIM: Obama White House pressured general to change testimony on new exploding scandal affecting U.S. national security

General had said that Obama donor’s new satellite broadband network might interfere with GPS systems the Pentagon needs to protect America

DAILY BEAST: The Pentagon has worried for months that a project backed by a prominent Democratic donor might interfere with military GPS. Now Congress wants to know if the White House pressured a general to change his testimony.

The four-star Air Force general who oversees Air Force Space Command walked into a highly secured room on Capitol Hill a week ago to give a classified briefing to lawmakers and staff, and dropped a surprise. Pressed by members, Gen. William Shelton said the White House tried to pressure him to change his testimony to make it more favorable to a company tied to a large Democratic donor.

The episode —confirmed by The Daily Beast in interviews with administration officials and the chairman of a congressional oversight committee —is the latest in a string of incidents that have given Republicans sudden fodder for questions about whether the Obama administration is politically interfering in routine government matters that affect donors or fundraisers. Already, the FBI and a House committee are investigating a federal loan guarantee to a now failed solar firm called Solyndra that is tied to a large Obama fundraiser.

Now the Pentagon has been raising concerns about a new wireless project by a satellite broadband company in Virginia called LightSquared, whose majority owner is an investment fund run by Democratic donor Philip Falcone.

According to officials familiar with the situation, Shelton’s prepared testimony was leaked in advance to the company. And the White House asked the general to alter the testimony to add two points: that the general supported the White House policy to add more broadband for commercial use; and that the Pentagon would try to resolve the questions around LightSquared with testing in just 90 days. Shelton chafed at the intervention, which seemed to soften the Pentagon’s position and might be viewed as helping the company as it tries to get the project launched, officials said.

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