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Government Accounting Office Report: Federal government awash in waste

Study Shows $200 Billion in Redundant Federal Spending.

FOX NEWS: House Speaker John Boehner has been handed a weapon of happy destruction. The Government Accountability Office has produced a report skewering government waste that gives House Republicans ample ammunition to shoot down critics screaming foul over attempts to cut the budget.

Better yet — it is the stuff of farce. Imagine uncovering 82 different programs to improve teacher quality, or 80 separate initiatives to help the less fortunate secure transportation. You could not possibly make this up.

My favorite? Our helpful Beltway gurus provide 56 overlapping programs to help Americans better understand personal budgeting. What we need is one bureaucrat who understands budgeting – personal and otherwise.

This report, provided at the request of Congress before agreeing to raise the debt ceiling last year, is invaluable. It lays out ample evidence that our government budget is indeed stuffed with fat and propelled by incompetence – just the backdrop for pushing through reforms.

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